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i was wondering if you would take my addition to your fine creation that way.  apparently you did.

but did you notice that you published your opus in a group where additions to creations have always been encouraged?

evermore a reason to abandon the funnypages. 

I am usually warned when I am trying to edit a different author’s work . I call it a bug or just justifying graffiti. See nate, he loves it.

yes i can see your reasoning there, given the assumption that you want your creations to clot as you create them and not be carried on by others. 

why don’t you go enter a bookstore & whip out your dick & piss all over others’ books or artwork.nullnull

because that kind of behavior is certainly discouraged in a book store.   not so in group funnypages

Don’t forget,  #ContextIsKing  … even in what you do … and where you do it. 

but actually you have a good point null… even in a common group there should be a warning when sombody adds a widget to a thought authored by another.  let’s see what nathan does.
but i would have #graffiti’d it in group funnypages in any case.  i add another dimension to it. 
too bad you do not notice stuff null growing out of your shit.  i wonder, … why is that?

You really aught to test your marketability of this to more than the basic 3 people using it here.  Any takers yet? null


It was perfect as it was – no need to deface it or expand on it. null

well the flower was perfect as it grew out of the Earth.  Which was beheld by the original photographer and it’s perfection spread to a representation.  Which was where you beheld it and repeated it here to provoke thoought.  Which is what it did 8 years later when i beheld it again.  Which perfect beholding i photographed and represented here via the power of our new media hoping to provoke even further though about beholding itself.  Then what happened?

The old cartoons had a “clone” feature that could have been used here.   That made a copy in a new thought and refered back to the parent thought via the about link … kind of like a fork works now, only it was the live graphics of the thought that was copied. 

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