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  • Bitcoin technology is one way of achieving independency of World economy from governments. Such is good from my perspective.
  • It depends upon anonymity
  • the question of governments & taxes not really explained fully without some controls
  • OTOH, the process of legislation functions best in transparency & rarely works with total consensus
  •  Commerce & other kinds of chains:
    • supply chains
    • legislative chains
    • health chains
    • land use chains
  • With economic interdependencies achieved will wars go away?
  •  The guy with the most Bitcoin still has the most leverage to affect change good or bad.
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  • I say that INFORMATION is the new Age currency.
  • Who says that #bitcoin is worth what the exchanges say it is worth in $ etc > $8200 this AM.  A gain of $200 overnight xor 2.27 %
  • remember that urgency was part of the Sting
    • just saying 
    • Mt.Gox was an exchange that went bust at time when #bitcoin started thriving

PriceCoin?  same video here: