Win Win Interactions with others

There is no problem with identity … with committing to a principle or even just a distinction and feeling that principle or distinction is you … is what you feel … is what you value … is to what you bond  … is your pride … is your love … is what you do.  And it does not matter how big or small the group of individuals who commit to that principle or distinction. The smallest group is a group of one … in which case that identity is called “you” or your “ego”.  Some larger groups might be defined by your race or your nation or your religion or your guild or your philosophy.

But problems come when you interact negatively with that which you are not … with others outside of your identity … when your interact to dominate or restrain or destroy or diminish an other.

I propose that …

We should get along and even cooperate with others.
We should value  #WinWin interactions with others.

That is the principle that best governs how groups large and small interact. 

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XOR follow the Golden Rule

… its basically the same thing.  this is merely a different way to talk about following the golden rule. 

There are some memes today that attempt to point fingers of blame at identifying with a group or principle or distinction.  I am saying that committing and bonding to a group is not the problem.  The problem is how you interact with those who do not have the same identification or join the same group.

Most identity groups don’t play your way. Ego just goes to a higher level collection – imaginary or real – rwg – especially those based on race.
Interesting ideas related to Tung Yun in P.2380 
… before doing any operation of course the magician makes sure his or her basic motivation is to help all Humanity. 


Yep, many groups and people do not follow this rubric … they do not adopt that attitude towards others.  For example white suprimists or a person who loves them self so much that they must demean others.

What do you mean by,  “Ego just goes to a higher level collection – imaginary or real – rwg – especially those based on race”  in the light of the context here in this thought?  I don’t know what you mean.

Being motivated, as in the GW quote, to help all Humanity is great!  I think that attitude starts with realizing that you are only a part of a giant group … you are not the whole thing yourself.

Black-supremacists, Arab-supremacists & Mexican-supremacists all have the same problems. I specialize in being a member of the Human Race! … other groups not so much. null

Well do you demean and judge the other groups for not following your chosen rubric?

Me i have found that,  “problems emerge when i interact negatively with that which i am  not … when i interact destructively with others outside of my identity groups.  Problems emerge when i try to change, dominate, restrain,  destroy, diminish or even judge the other”  … so i include not demeaning or even judgeing another group regardless of what that other group does.  If i am not a memeber of the group i do not know what it feels and cannot reasonably judge its behavior.   It is literally none of my business.   An exception for me, obviously,  is self defense. 

Your first sentence is a bunch of #gobbledegook .
The rest is just the same repetition of your shtick giving an Ego to a group & then protecting it as if it is immune & can’t be criticized.  Join the human race, PLEASE! 

Well i am equating a individual being’s identity as that with which they bond and interact.  A group of individuals functions  just the same, in that regard, as a single person.  That identity has traditionally been referred to as “ego” in the context of a single individual … but as it works the same with a group, why not, as you put it, “give an Ego to a group”.

Me i take the soverign freedom of individuals as paramount … especially my own … and by the principle of the golden rule others as well.  If i am free, then i determine what is right or wrong for myself.  Others are free to do just as they will.  Yes that grants to all free individuals an immunity from destructive criticism from outside of their group.

I call that me be ing human.

Munge on dear bro – AMF 

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& your bolded stuff doesn’t make a lot of sense.

oh it makes total sense … maybe you are stopping in the wrong place as you read it … or maybe you are trying to be too binary about distinctions.  i love this poem.  i love it more every time i read it.  i revels in our #edges … it speaks of the value of otherness.  “I am so I” refers to my essence and what i value … i am just soooo that way … just like “you are so you” speaks of your essence …. and “white is so white” speaks of the essence of white be ing white … similarly with black.  It loves heart  our differences making up the whole … rather than in glorying in the whole as a homogenous clumpy #munge.  me thinks it is part of what makes the world work …  and why the world is sooo magnificent.  The poetic beauty of the words themselves lies in their symmetry which express the essence of the meditation of looking at our predicament not from inside out … not from outside in … but orthogonal to both from the view of the whole … and then just to be cute, the  poem rhymes null

Of course you like your own shit.,