Copy of - An agreement to avoid an unthinkable war

It feels good to have an adult with hands on experience and actionable control in the game finally explain the choice here.

When you put the choices like this, it seems to me that the solution is clear:
  1. Accept the situation on the ground – North Korea weapons of mass destruction developed to the point to which they have already demonstrated.  Expecting that they would walk back that power is to be in LaLa land.  Undoing what they have already accomplished should not be on the table.
  2. We have the same situation with Russia and China and India and Pakistan and France and England (did i miss any?) – they have weapons of mass destruction developed to a demonstrated capability.  Yet the US can tolerate that situation because they are not threatening us with their rhetoric.  They are not threatening to blow us to bits … nor does it seem they have such an intention.
  3. So If North Korea can agree (1) to stop threatening to blow us to bits … and (2) reciprocally if we agree to stop threatening to destroy them … and (3) if North Korea stops developing their capability further proving their acceptable intent… then we have avoided this unthinkable war.

So, yes there is a viable diplomatic solution.

Hopefully that is the “deal” that Tillerson is negotiating.

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The challenge with nuclear blackmail is similar to any other kind – as long as the blackmailer has the stuff in question he can up the ante as much as he can get away with.  That’s been proven both with the Norks & the Iran terrorists. Two or more previous presidents have negotiated & each time verification has been thwarted & nuclear progress continues with more empty words. Iran got their money & so far the Norks got concessions & a world stage. China backs Korea & Russia backs Iran – so the beat goes on: proxy wars. The pot bellied cheeze-whiz in the NK needs to face condemnation with something like the execution of Mussolini. With Iran it is different. 

With Iran it IS different!  The Islamic Terrorists need to be convinced unconditionally that true Islam is peaceful & killing in the name of Islam is condemnation to Hell! I don’t know whether there are enough authoritative clerics & mullahs that can gather together to spread that.  Deleting their sacred objects – Mecca & Medina  temples is only more of the same & since they believe in a war to end all wars & the 12th immam rules the world – that might highten the terror.

I know that blackmail → ass kissing (diplospeak)  → threats from both sides → appeasement & accepting → more blackmail as proven in the last 16 years = more of the same. null They seem to struggle with escalating the words & implications.
e.g. in news NKorea: Trump Has ’Lit The Wick Of War’...  

The other thing different with Iran is she can arm her Middle East allies with nukes aided by the Nork’s if they ever finish the technology.  Thus the Middle East goes nuclear which is unthinkable except in the minds of pacifists xor #pissyfish

that is one story that apparently can ring true
… there are others:

at the heart of it, each of us wants something that is not in conflict with others.     successful negotiation out of conflict seeks out that common bond and satisfies it.  be here and believe that.

So notice  #2 above … that is what  #NorthKorea wants.   that is the common bond that we can give them and that they have earned.  that is the facts on the ground already.   Focus on deescalating the threats between us … don’t believe this is  blackmail.    Or Give peace a chance. 

Alternatively  you can call win-win “appeasement” and giving in “blackmail”   tell that story from your mountain top …. make finding the common bond weakness … if you believe the ragings of these mad men,  you will surly get the destruction that your paper thoughs deserves.

XOR – Obama the Nobel Prize winner for peace (sic.) tried peace and ass-kissing & look where it got him they were testing their weapons – before he left office. What the pot-bellied cheeze whiz dick sucker of a commandant of a prison state wants is to reclaim the rest of Korea under his control where capitalism is doing just fine.

shucks i can not imagine how inventing some old “blame Obama feeling” form years ago will help us be be safe now.

He tried what you suggest & it FAILED!

… that’s just the story you are telling … there are others.

Note the 3 points of a possible agreement listend in #3 above.

Yep my story – your story dance!  Enjoy the glow of the #juice – just like in the real world challenge with the Norks you will not admit what is not yours. null

what do you mean, “i will not admit what is not mine” ?  

That does not make any sense to me at all.

Certainly i “admit” that which is not me … that is the very nature of #otherness … which as you must know by now i am bringing to the story here that we are writing.

The only thing that i will not admit … that i will not accept … is the be ing of a terrible war.

whatever brother … run run away from that which is be ing … dirstract yourself with that which titilates your gut.    alternatively you can start experienceing directly that which you are be ing.

XOR outside your misuse of the English language (ing is a suffix & double spacing to take space is bullying) you fail to notice that the EGO that keeps the #RWG going is the same human fault which keeps international relations from complete #lovey-dovey singing Kumbaya

Your #anusizing is being rejected – you seem more warlike than your presumed pacifism. null

learn to suppress your bellicose nature (in words & deeds) & then preach to those who have been in real wars. 
PS I used to play the above song in my cabin while patrolling off Viet Nam with jet fuel for the phantom jets .

this ia not about me, mark.  Why you you always change the subject?

Notice for this agreement to happen, North Korea has to come to the table.  If they believe that Trump will actually strke, and that they can get what they really want from an agreement, then they are quite motivated to come to the table.  I like to believe that Trump is playing a game to that effect.  Kudos to you mark for recording that in this story.

The thing to realize is an end state which actually gives the Koreans what that really want which we also can accept … and already do with other countries.

incidentally this is not about you either.

It is not about what it is not about ← favorite side-track especially with the talking heads. Change the subject. The Human Race is still evolving. The Golden Rule is still in process of becoming. I pointed out that you still have it in you to fight.  So does Trump & the Cheeze-Kid . Work on what YOU can which is YOU! Your solution has already been tried & failed for others.

the specific agreement that i, and others, have proposed above has NOT, as far as i know, ever been even considered by our government.   rather every demand from US has always been that Korea totally abandon their nukes.  but that ship has already sailed.  it is demonstrted facts on the ground now.   let us accept it and move on. 
There has since January 20, 1992  been a denuclearizing of the Korean Peninsula entirely on the table, AND ….. with tons of diplomatic experience was president.

This is true.  It is also true that things change.  Are you going to blow up the world just because things are not the way they used to be?

still at it.  give in & they keep upping the anti … next time they want South Korea … then ?  I think the Cheexze-Whiz-kid wants history, he is either insane & thinks he can win xor wants whom ever his relatives are to look at him as Hitleresque or the largest fool in Korean history.

Kewl … why don’t you float it to the next time he goes & definitely join him & see what happens!

there is a Nork connection as well 


personally, I would like the US to use tech to turn one of their missles around & shove it up the cheeze-whiz’s ass!