What Trump means by "fake news" ...

in his own words ...

#Trump finaly lets slip what he means by #FakeNews

Be careful how you talk, you might actually let slip out what you mean.


XOR → false AND anti-trump!

well it is true my tweet was anti-trump … and unapologetically so.

But i do not know what you think is false.   I am taking #Trump by his own words,  he implied:  if it is anti-Trump, then it is fake news.  He told us simply and directly his criteria for fake news.  I believe him … apparently that is what #FakeNews is to him.  There are plenty of examples that bear out that proposition.

WOW! you just repeated yourself – #FakeNews is FAKE contains opinion which does not correspond with the facts.  “Hands Up DON’t Shoot” is one of the wildest examples that a lot of people in the riots still believe.

well shucks i agree,  “FAKE contains opinion which does not correspond with the facts”, 
is a great criteria defining #FakeNews null

But #Trump tweeted,  “anti-Trump (implies) Fake news”.   Quite a different criteria, eh?

“Hands UP DON’t Shoot” is a wise thing to say to an officer who might be afraid that you have a gun. 
I don’t see how that has anything to do with news.  The actual factual news was “that was chanted in demonstrations against police who are too afraid of people that they shoot them”.

THat shit is pretty much the result of believing fake news, dude!

thanks for your opinion in the matter. 

a lot of the anti-Trump reports i actually do believe.  But some of that narrative is a bit over hyped.

i can provide specific examples if you care.

Of Course! What a surprise! 

What about your beliefs?  If it is anti-trump, do you disbelieve it?  Do you believe any report that is anti-trump?  Honestly, i am actually curious.  Actual examples would be more convincing than easy gross generalizations here.

Generally speaking I ignore opinion & have enough residual logic left to know when there are no supportive facts.  Way back a long time ago when I was working on the group unhackthebrain I was interested in unvarnished news.  No longer am I really interested in the news unless it relates to a hurricane in my back yard.


Why would I want to do that? I authored The Racism Swamp to get past all the racism in the popular M$M.  Few will grock it. Probably not you either.

well i was just trying to get at what non fake news would actually be.  if you have not interest in that, well fine.

it was really difficult for me to agree with, or even surmise what you meant by your  The Racism Swamp tweet … because our beliefs about racism are so very different.   eventually i  concocted a story that i could believe based upon that tweed so i liked your tweet and responded to it in a way that had the possibility of further agreement. 

we could go into that but it is not about understanding what #Trump means by #FakeNews … that is a different topic.

OK well I have said my piece on that.

nope i do not grock how that that gets us past racism being reported (touted) in media. 

telling #Trump that blacks demonstrating against police shooting them is part of a “racist swamp” just fires the flames of racism itself.  but shucks i will bet he agrees.

Yep you are a racist & have to see things in terms of race – go for it! I’ll try to see the human in humans.

That is your story, not mine.  My story goes you are a racist because you always rag against whatever black people do and always support those who oppose them.  You tell a story about focusing on what is human, yet you ignore that groups of humans are beings and form an integral part of what constitutes being human.  Just like you defend your ego (constantly), so too does a group of people defends their ego identify.  Yet you rag against those humans groups just as incessantly as you rag against my ego as if that defended your own.  And then you rag aginst blacks as if that defended those of your race who degrade them.   I on the other hand accept and appreciate other human egos as well as the human groups that they naturally form.  That i am not a part of some group and therefore do not feel the way they feel, is the history and context that hapened, … that different history does not justify my presuming their only value lies in those experiences that we could have have in common.   Such a justification is an absurdity … especially if it is used to oppose that group. 

… alternatively i love this trope null.   It is sublime when beings interacting with that spirit.   It happens rarely, but happens to some degree frequently.   When it does it is the epitome of being human.

But that it does not happen there is no justification to rag against the other being or group.  You do not kow what they are going through. You are in no position to judge.  I say appreciate or tolerate them anyway. 

When you actaully take that attitude twards black people, then i will start believeing that you are not a racist.

You are a racist because you can’t describe what your problem without the distinctions of race. Phooey! Go for HUMAN instead.

What Trump means by "fake news" ... (comment 81254) is a LIE! nullnull

See if you can describe your problem without resorting to racial distinctions or race & see what it looks like. Bet you have a hard time doing it.

well you right, i cannot accuratey describe the human predicament without the social bonding of groups of humans cooperating with each other.   sans that grouping and internal cooperation we would be more like slime mold than prometheans .

i have no idea what problem you want me to descibe.

well then it was #Trump who lied, not me … or at least he misspoke … because i am only interperting his exact words according to common English usage … “anti-Trump hence Fake news”.

My tweet 3 characters left:

btw, there has been a lot of it – it is a cottage industry of twits paid to make anti-trump tweets.

You could start out by explaining what “taking a knee” is for .

i interpret it as the first player who got down on his kneee during the anthem does

in his own words …

"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people, and people of color," Kaepernick said in a press conference after first sitting out during the anthem. "To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street, and people getting paid leave, and getting away with murder."

i believe that is  how these players honestly feel and what they are signing when they #TakeAKnee

To be honest,  i don’t feel like singing to the glory of the anthem either and usually don’t.

Yep, had to bring race into it.  I am not even challenging the idiocy of the statement.  How did Obama get elected if it were true? null

Well we each of us write a narrative that connects the experiences that we feel.   We act out that narrative as we tell our story.

Me i feel that “police getting away with murder” is a serious fault in the judicial system that shoud be changed.  It gives police a pass if they just claim that they were afraid.  That in itself has nothing to do with race.   While most of the instances we hear about in the news are black people getting murdered, the one that i personally feel  was a Eskimo carver who got murdered because he did not understand the police officer was afraid of his carving knife.  His carvings can still be seen around lake Union in Seattle.

But Kaepernick, a black man, feels keenly the black people that have been needlessly murdered.  That is his story.  I respect him telling his story just as much as i respect yours or even my own.  I believe his narrative is authentic …  it is  experienced directly by him or people he personally knows… as compared to your story of him which is concocted vicariously from the news you hear about generalizations on his race.

“Police getting away with murder” has nothing to do with Obama getting elected.  Those dots (facts) do not even connect in any reasonable  story that i can imagine.  It must be some strange story connecting only to peculiar notions in your mind.

Spreading fake news “police getting away with murder” … evidence in a court of law, please!
Apparently you don’t mind spreading it.
You have been memed! 

There are so many cases …. i refered to a specific one above.  With a little bit of unbiased research i know you can find dozens more … should you care to connect your narriative to actual facts on the ground.

You are the one that claims them – go find one yourself!  

well that is not going to happen.  i already documented the Eskimo one above in more detail somwhere here on fastblogit … you should be alble to find it here or remember it.  The others i have already lived through vicariously via the news and am not going to expend my energy against you convincing you they exist.  your denial of inconvenient facts to your story, is not my problem.   just open your eyes and you will see.

incidentally your reference above is a change of subject.  stay focused!

Yep that is was a committed memed robot would say!null

Anything that ruffles your mind is a change in subject – good luck with that null

come on now mark … that is another change of subject to me rather than the focusing on the police murduring people needlessly and getting away with it.  which, according to my narriative and Kilpatrick’s, is what #TakeAKnee is about … that after all is what you asked about.  focus, or go away, or be suppressed … i have better things to accomplish than going in a random walk with you, getting nowhere.

Notice that the title of this article is What Trump means by "fake news" ...
BTW in that vein, given a tweet is 138 characters for the subject one can conclude that Trump is more interested in the ones against himself rather than those against you or the lies in general.

… perhaps.  

i doubt that #Trump is sufficiently precise and consistent in his language that one can even draw logical inferences from what he tweets.  It’s like what he says is meaningless … he says anything and then says the opposite.  Maybe we should just ignore what he says entirely.

That would apply to you as well; memed again!
As an aside, the reason Obama got away with so much was that people were afraid of the race card being played against them.

i do try to be consistent and precise.  if i notice a better way to say the same thing i edit my language to make it more consistent and referential to the facts on the ground and my narrative of them.  No i do not feel that applies to me.  So sorry you write my story differently.

Yep, #AlreadyAlwaysArguing story yours, mine & the garbage pail 


i tire of the continual negative stories of me that you keep telling in distraction to reasonable focus on useful thoughts.


Yep, I’m tired of your my story your story munging. #BuhBye 2U