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Mark de LA says ...
I don’t care about it  
    Why you spread your                         story                              all over
   maybe your 
                             is                                                                                            broken! 



i am playing with visual punctuation.   Even in the 3rd grad i started deviating from standard English punctuation rules.  My teacher told me not to do it.  So, okay, in school i continued using just standard punctuation.  However in my writing i need to make the written representations of my thoughts match better with the thoughts themselves.  There is a symmetry and a progression of my thoughts … apart from the thoughts themselves which can get lost in a paragraph that is all squished together.  i am playing with putting the representation of that i my writing. 

Please don’t let it bother you, you can basically ignore it
and read a paragraph directly as written ignoring the left, middle, right separations. 
No further #Aug’s on my style will be explained.

BTW – when Bozo does this with the letters I just don’t bother to read them.  I prefer pictures in the dead space  & choose not to chase the words in a sentence. Cute as a puppy dog taking a shit.

your choice, my friend …
ignore what i say or not …
any more of your  #aug’s and #mocks on
my punctuation style experiments will be suppressed.
However, you might want to know that when i read my paragraphs back with the added balance of positioning punctuation, they ring my thourally true to me … which is why i have done it more and more.  I might stop as i study it from different aspects … but one of those aspects will not be your #Augs and lack of attentions … those are for you and you alone … they do not factor usefully into my conceptions.

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#btw … as far as i can tell … the hornzontal separations you put in your paragraps in the main body of this thougt were arbritray … i cannot assertain any corrolation between the separatios in your wrods and the natural separations in the thoughts they perhaps represent.  
Were that the case in mine, i would agree, it would just be distracting and stupid.

rediscover sentence diagramming ? & the spell checker!

come on mark … i been there … done that … certainly you must know that.

It is better parsing than you are inventing. It is easier to just write clearer thoughts.