I hope he does a Scaramanga on the press & all you Trumpiteers 
with your hands on your own trumpets.
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#Scaramucci is #smooth

wouldn’t know I don’t watch M$M$#*+

well you missed quite a performance … very convincing … it was on all networks.  #Trump now has an articulate salesman for his side of the story … let the narrative change.

more insight into the #Trump story …

Look, I think that he has an amazing belief in his own ability to will what he thinks into reality. And I think that he thinks of reality as something that is subjective. So I think that what people characterize as “he’s out of touch” or “he’s not understating this” or “he seems off,” or whatever—I think he has an amazing capacity to try to draw the world as he wants it. And I think that’s a lot of it.

the reporter who published her recent nyt interview with Trump
this whole interview is delicious.   i wonder if nathan can see himself in her characterization of trump?

Next Navel vessel named after a President is in the works. It will represent what Obama spent most of his time doing. #USSGeraldRFord #MAGA

#NYTimes → #mouthpiece & #crotchpiece of #assholes

Talk about #AC’s “a factor infinite & unknown” …

Note the story told here …

If not evidence of malicious deception, the story reveals a young man who is in over his head and out of his depth to such a degree that he does not know he is in over his head and out of his depth. The thought of summoning people who actually knew what was going on, checking with the administration as to the background of people with whom he was communicating or showing healthy skepticism about the people who were approaching him never occurred to him? Possible, but what a damning alibi.

wapo opinion piece
bold emphasis and comparison with the AC’s “unknown”  is mine.

#kushner #unknown #incompetence

#junknews – I heard from someone who heard it in the public bathroom at the airport that Obama doesn’t like #ShitSandwiches  but I said that is unlikely because I know he doesn’t like white bread. 
  • Wapo – Obama denies racist white comment
  • NYTimes – Obama didn’t eat any sandwitches on day in question
  • Drudge – Obama starts controversy using public bathroom
  • Fox – M$M blames it all on Trump
  • Twitter – WOW! Didn’t know Obama eats shit sandwitches – did you folks …
  • Facebook – What it might have lookliked in the bathroom – see photoshop attached 
  • YouTube – New song “Um .. Um .. Good! Slurp” sung by Obama impersonator
  • SNL skit – impersonator walks out of bathroom with loaf of white bread under his arm singing “I cant get no satisfaction – Rolling Stones” 

#static and #fallacies

#ShitAssedHumorless response

interesting CNN stream of the events … er, even including commentary … Watch Live: CNN.it/go

Note you can move your position in the streame to separate the commentary from what #kushner actually said …

Sorry no CNN-fake-news for me. Enjoy ….

There is no possible escape from the vicious circle that we can register only the behaviour of our own instrument. We conclude from the fact that it behaves at all, that there must be ‘a factor infinite and unknown’ at work upon it. This being the case, we may be sure that our apparatus is inherently incapable of discovering the truth about anything, even in part.

AC  #RawDeal (comment 79875)

or more concisely to the point …

you ALWAYS have insufficient information.

me …

Accept and move on #asymptotically !


I don’t accept what you say under your own authority – null – particularly in the political sphere. aMayb you should take your shit into your own group.