False Memories & Manipulation

Interesting collection of stuff on memory & science of remembering.
The thing that stood out for me was that every time a memory is brought to presence they say it becomes unstable & subject to new material being added. 
Now consider that in the light of the daily onslaught of M$M political news where the repetition of false narratives persists . Eventually some of that shit is going to be remembered as fact. 
Time to bring some sophisticated lie detectors into Congress & the Judiciary & the Executive branches & then into the M€dia$tream & start looking for a scientific way to train people to be exactly observant.
It will be interesting when they study the “will” component . I have discovered the memory of an intentional will that I can activate later but hold the latent action in memory.


There are no such things as “false memories”. A memory is an experience you are having, weather it be your own internal experience, or an external experience recorded somewhere externally, it is the experience you are having now. Your experience is never “false”. The idea that an experience one is having can be false is one of the most prevalent misconceptions of modern thinking.

Maybe nathan should have watched the scientific video. null

Oh? Why is that? Would it have made my statement even more true?

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Ditto. Only difference is, I did (go away). You only talk about doing things, in the word, in your life, … never actually do anything at all except cut, paste, and type.

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