new days

Seth says ...
#btw … my needing to reconnect all the connections in a new #context of each fresh day … is very similar, imho, to your #MultiVerse jumping.  i come to situations from entirely different aspects and points of view whithout the assumed upon connections of the way they were.   i’m thinking it is the same thingey … just described differently.   then too my mind is quite different than yours (especially as to memory), so that has to be factored into the differences.


Probably why you need such a hard-shelled and finite box too. Without it to bump around in each day, you would probably just get lost “out there” somewhere on many days. The paper thin boxes most people have would not turn you back inside a space where you can find yourself again.

Then too if you want to aid in making each day a new day – shed the past & quit blogging.

Often I do just that.

Well it does go, even without saying,  that a person with hard fast beliefs does not have any problem from day to day in maintaing a continuity of thought and personality.

That i am such a person is just a lie that you are telling about me … see Generalizing what "a lie" means to me.

Nope. Seen from the inside out, it looks like a lie to you. Seen from the outside in, it is well said. I stand by it, and someday, when you leave the confines of that steel shell box, either consciously during this life, or automatically when you leave this life, you will see what I see there.   

It is what it is and you can’t see it until you exit it … the nature of the beast.

null … well in any case it is your conceptions that do not match with mine.   To reconcile our different views we would need to cite specifics and delve into them.  lots of them.  i doubt that we will embark on such a deapth.  So sans that deapth your assertion remains a gross unsubstantiated generalization … and as such is a wothless transmissions that serves only your own #egoo relative to mine.
And Yes ! … it is a connection #inside of you that would best be shed … imho of course.

Then too, everyone looks from their outside as being stubborn ...especally when they have factored their reality diffferently like yous is  factored relative to me.  You have to be objective enought to factor that out of your conceptions of me … yet you revel in your own beliefs and subjectivity.  So sorry null, i can not take your analysis of me as ringing true over here.  

Do others who you work with love null those  negative assertions?

… more is better than #bitter-twitter ! null

well yes … shedding the past’s strong connections and makeing new ones in the now, is in fact what this  “new days”  topic is all about … #thanks → mark for noticing.

Nope. I don’t work with any others than you and Mark who elicit that approach.

Your box is smaller and more solid than Mark’s. Mark’s is mainly the typical box people of his age acquired.  As I am noticing, your box is very likely smaller and more sold exactly because you don’t have other anchor points that keep you tethered day to day. The box itself suffices to keep you from drifting instead.

#sethhmmm re nathan doubling down null … maybe after the bbq null

AND – you nathan have just described perfectly your own box (where you keep your selfie!). 

Well, come on out and see for yourself.

I am not in your box – YOU are in your box – can’t see out! laughing

Nice conjecture. When you arrive at a perspective where you can see that, and not just say it, then let me know.

Samo-samo #TuQuoque and #BitterTwitter flip it around.  Be original some day – let me know when you get out of your box, but … not before! null

Believing is seeing.

A few more twisted slogans please! #BitterTwitter 

It’s true though. You have an understanding of the importance of beliefs, hence your signature suggesting getting rid of them. You should be able to appreciate how what one sees is really based on what one believes more than anything else.

still #AlreadyAlwaysArguing – (RWG) mostly the I am “right” part!