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Notice also, in the #ThreeLawsOfReality above, how the connection with others is the neutralizing force that breaks the reality stalemate between our natural ability to create or do anything and the ego selfie and it’s desire to control and always be in charge. I would actually think you, seth, would have great affinity for that aspect of the 3rd law of reailty as it shows very clearly and logically how others and otherness is super important to the harmonious trinity of a well balanced reality in an individual. Without the neutralizing force of otherness we would all be playing supreme Gods in our own individual worlds as the general norm … which although that could be quite fun for a while, it is not an evolutionary structure.  
Absolutely i have an affinity for this null.  It seems that much of my life has been about striking a balance between self and that which i #share with others.  The situation continues to excite me null.

There seems to be a logical question about  the #intersection in the #ThreeLawsOfReality …


… this is the venn diagram I would use.

Perhaps your reality is spelling sharing with an “e” in it.  I tried to go to my own group & import a clipboard of an export of this item but there was no place to do it even though it may have been on my clipboard.
There is no reality outside of reality.  OTOH, there are different kinds of reality inside/outside the nuthouses.
Your reality may or not conflict with the Thelemic motto: #DWTW & #LITLLUW which works for me in “the World” 

Did you look under the group menu for the “import content” item?

THat’s the problem couldn’t find one for my group mark. Maybe tell me where it is.

Should be under the “group menu”. You should find an item there called “import content”.

You would have had to use “export thought to clipboard” which looks like 

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never mind I finally found it


“There is no reality outside of reality. ” ~  mark.

Note nathan’s definition of “reality” seems to be a specific person’s experience.   So there definitely is other people’s experience outside of your experience.  Hence there is a reality outside of your reality.

Well that is true. I hope you have experiences I don’t.

You can move & munge what reality is.  I started out going for definitions but he shuttered them. #IDC what he thinks.

Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin says in #GB
3:53 There’s a lot of confusion about what I mean by the word distinction. A basic definition gives us a starting point:  A difference between one thing and another, whatever makes something “distinct” from everything else.

Ralston, Peter. The Genius of Being: Contemplating the Profound Intelligence of Existence (Kindle Locations 877-880). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 
Just because one can’t tell the difference between one thing or another doesn’t  mean anything XOR prefers to use a different word for one distinction than others do doesn’t mean anything either. 
I used to hear the phrase more often that: 

He doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

The distinction often blurred: 

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