Action with Intent

Note not all relationships are simple SVO but can become quite complex.  After all it is not a binary world.

Here the object of intending is a variable.  I drew it here simply as a context. 
Or perhaps more accurately according to the dialog below …

or in the peculiar case where “Being A”  includes  everything ….


My Psych 102 class suggested (& for the whole hour nobody could come up with an example otherwise) that all action has some kind of intent or purpose.

i think it is true that all action has consequences … on cannot throw a pebble in a pond without causing waves.  that the consequences are intended (or unintended) is subjective beauty in a being’s eye. 

Nope! there IS a distinction between consequences & intent &/or purpose. The eye of the beholder is yet another distinction.  Munge on & lose distinctions for some intention yet to be figured out. laughing
(Unless you dig really, really, really sum)

well agreed null, there is a distinction between consequence and intent (or purpose).  

perhaps the relationsiop is more accurately drawn …

note, now the purpose or intent is clearly inside of Being A. 

Does all action have external change? Indeed can all action be associated with change? – internal or external? .. a thought shows up then …. ? electro-chemical-neurologic ontologies notwithstanding 

… well i think that the context which is Being A in the diagram is a variable

So that what is inside or outside of it can vary … see #IAmAVariable

← here it is deemed (probably by A himself) to be all inside of himself.

You need to go back to the drawing board on what being IS & what a being is. I think you have it munged in with too many other things. 

… can you give me an example of what you think is not represented in the model?

Yep – being – being can’t be modeled.

in which case, me thinks, then “being”  is something of which we cannot become aware. 

so why even talk about it as if we could?

Nope! not even close.  Try modeling IS! All you will get is your model not IS! 

… well maybe awareness is representations all the way down … #TurtlesAllTheWayDown

when you arrive at “IS” you have arrived at the head of the arrow …

tag #representation
… or said differently, it is awareness all the way down … or it is consciousness all the way down … or maybe even eveything is conscious … or maybe everything is spirit.  all of those thoughts are, me thinks, crawling on the same edges … can you feel it? …. or as is popular to say, “can you feel me” ?

Hey you, out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old
Can you feel me?
Hey you, standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles
Can you feel me?
Hey you, dont help them to bury the light
Don’t give in without a fight.

Pink Floyd – The Wall

I feel you grasping at straws for a single idea!  null #GraspingAtStraws

well certainly #grasping … but there is nothing “singular” about it …
me, i accept the duality of  respresentation and move on to what it can do.  

That’s because you prefer to munge shit together rather than focus.

#omg null … this is all about focus … at the highest resolution possible …
your casting your peculiar #munge’s at me notwistanding null

#TuQuoque notwithstanding, munging on your part does allow you to be RIGHT more often because who can figure out #WTF you are talking about; mostly too many things jumbled up in one statement.

well i can’t help if everything IS connected in my mind.  i do, especially recently, try to separate distinct things out into distinct paragraphs if not at least distinct sentences.

that i factor things differently in my mind than you do in your mind shold be something that we should just accept already yet, imho.  

#btw your interaction here has actually moved my thiking along … #thanks → mark  … even thought you have things all factored and connected differently.   That certainly will yield the feeling to an observer from outside a mind  the feeling you call #munge .

Even #Nowbies know that the more you are in concepts the less you are present “in the world” abstraction, concepts & modeling notwithstanding.  #Nowbies are closer to being & IS! yet usually get caught up without a future or past & can’t digest how the present is a product of the other 2 not separate.

well, yes null, the lower half of the relationship certainly is more exciting …
at least to me.

i still think you have an #aug against what you call “abstraction” which you would get over if only you started looking for examples of your own abstractions.

Maybe – the word dilettante

 regarding your stuff comes to mind rather than your use of #aug for mine.  Talking about something rather than attempting to encounter it or grasp the reality of something is kinda like masturbating to pornography only different.

Abstraction is good for engineering-math problems – not so good for human interaction.  Go for the real human interaction – tastes better.

of course actual human interaction feels better than the mere representation of it.   

Does that even need to be said?

You seem to be at least 2 levels removed from it the usual natural language expression being the first level & then making diagrams about it seems at least to be one more level removed away from it.

the diagrams are like math equations describing a physical event … they can describe (or represet) the event more precisely and objectively  with less of the ambiguity of natural language. 

they can even be used for meditations …. see your own Yantra thought.

everything that is happening here is in the domain of thought …
and so it necessarily is already once removed from actual human interaction. 

there is no profit or useful information in your deriding of it … or of judging i should do otherwise … it is what i do here … observe and contribute (or not) just as you do and have done.  

if you imply it is the only thing i do, that would be just your own
#MakeShitUp to feel right in actual human interaction towards me. 

seth anticipating  mark’s next negative human interaction

TAO #18  enjoy your diagrams – humans have so many other channels to play with F2F etc. 

So if you seth wanted to understand or grok a cheesburger …. Shazam! you would diagram it! null