What is the fear of losing control?

The fear of being controlled, or loosing control, is the absence of the love of creating.  

As with all in the verses governed by the #LOA, there are no negative entities. There is only the absence of a positive entity. You don’t turn on a dark switch to remove light, you turn on a light switch to fill the dark.

All fears are at their essence the absence of love. Find the love represented by a fear and “turn in on” in your being and the fear is washed away. Or more exactly, the void which was felt as fear is filled with the love.

inspired by Abraham


dominus-phobia was the answer

Okay thanks. I believe that was the answer to your question which seth represented in a fork here Claiming the observer. My question above is “What is the fear of loosing control?” … not what is it called. But thank you!  

Courage is the answer not a pile of abstract words & meme pictures.