Degrading into Knowing


Presence of mind is simply the mind present, as in the thinker aware of itself thinking, paying attention, studying - the work of others here has given us a nomenclature & terminology which can be improved, but must be considered if we are to communicate our findings!  (P.2639

Yep. I agree with Peter. There is no alternative to deliberate knowing.

You introduced your own abstract concept of deliberate knowing while going off in your own path#again.

Possibly. Or perhaps your path was off somewhere in your own mind already. Who is to say which direction is the prime origin?

Whenever you reframe something back into your #LOAShit you have left the realm of hope for direct experience & back into your #AlreadyAlwaysListening selfie protected multiverse. null

Or perhaps I set things right where others are paddling in the mud. Your interpretation may only be your own, not even that of the original author. Who knows where you obtained your frame?