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Mark de LA says ...
Shades of the diversity kings.  A diversity advocate of the liberal wing just can’t avoid spouting the mantra of DIVERSITY every other sentence while ignoring the obvious RACIST slur a member of congress attacked congress with.  The population – XOR – the media in general can’t help themselves. Anyone examine the meaning of the word? 

diversity (n.) Look up diversity at
mid-14c., "quality of being diverse," mostly in a neutral sense, from Old French diversité (12c.) "difference, diversity, unique feature, oddness:" also "wickedness, perversity," from Latin diversitatem (nominative diversitas) "contrariety, contradiction, disagreement;" also, as a secondary sense, "difference, diversity," from diversus "turned different ways" (in Late Latin "various"), past participle of divertere (see divert). 

Negative meaning, "being contrary to what is agreeable or right; perversity, evil" existed in English from late 15c. but was obsolete from 17c. Diversity as a virtue in a nation is an idea from the rise of modern democracies in the 1790s, where it kept one faction from arrogating all power (but this was not quite the modern sense, as ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, etc. were not the qualities in mind):

The dissimilarity in the ingredients which will compose the national government, and still more in the manner in which they will be brought into action in its various branches, must form a powerful obstacle to a concert of views in any partial scheme of elections. There is sufficient diversity in the state of property, in the genius, manners, and habits of the people of the different parts of the Union, to occasion a material diversity of disposition in their representatives towards the different ranks and conditions in society. ["The Federalist," No. 60, Feb. 26, 1788 (Hamilton)]

Specific focus (in a positive sense) on race, gender, etc. is from 1992.

If you focus on difference you will ignore the fundamental aspects of what is to be HUMAN.  Divide & Conquer is the modus operandi of the Liberal Democratic Party.  Look at Tucker try in vain to get it across:



This is slavery of the mind. The minute that the word diversity comes up we all are expected to Kowtow to the M$M interpretation of other arguments to what they present as Racist – a hold over from the Obama years. How many times can you get the word diversity into a sound byte?

Well there is value in preserving #diversity.
It makes the whole network more resilient ...
which preservation avoids the vulnerability of sameness. 

It is interesting to note that the life force itself, creates #diversity.
That is what it does.  That is the direction it is going.

Yeah we all are HUMANS is a handicap to evolution .  We need the monkeys & circus animals to make things work! null

#shucks i have no idea what you mean. 
That individuals share characterizes is not a handicap.  That would make no sense at all. 
nor does that absurb proposition follow from anything that i said.

#Whatever – RS’s Foundation Stone Meditation invokes  the finest senses of humanity itself to incarnate in his work .  Your diversity just says hold a meeting & everyone is equally the same – XOR being divisive, every division has to be represented by it’s own membership group; factored by racism.

well i am not saying either of those.

Here is more what i am saying ….

Looking at the whole  there is a spectrum of individuals from sameness to difference.  The whole is more resilient where a balance in the spectrum is allowed to exist.  The life force itself causes us to differentiate.  Yet still we cling together as one.  There is no profit in forsaking the one force for the other … rather i want them both.

HUMAN BEING is a context well above just a collection of individuals. null

You obviously did NOT watch Tucker .