Universalism - comment 76818

Seth says ...
Yeah fuck the turd who corrupted our usage of #PR … making each of them represent a lie.
The person who created that corruption does not take responsibility for the consequences of his actions
…. and some people, like seth, do this and most people laugh  

… you are both way too serious about your personal holy grails of truth! #LOL 
… you should talk to your sister more, she understands.  


#Bullshit … stop making up shit about me .. and talk for yourself . 
make up some positive stuff … things will go better between us.

Sorry dude. I got a lot of laughs out of this. So would your sister in this context. Laughs are positive emotions and fuel for living.

You got your leg going there dude! Lighten up and stop arguing with yourself.  

the video may be funny … your using it as an example to make shit up about me sucks a bag.

Like I said … others would get the stuff you call “shit made up about you” just fine, and agree it is true about you, and laugh with me. This is one of those things you never get.

Classic case of #GetsYourGoat