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First level self awareness is being aware of oneself in the mirror. As above. Weather it is a literal mirror or the mirror we call manifestation.

Second level self awareness is being aware of ones thoughts as they create something into being, before will is applied, and before it appears in the mirror to the senses. There are direct emotions accompanying the second level awareness events. These emotions are what Abraham calls our emotional guidance system. The emotions allow us to adjust the creation, thought by thought, long before it manifests in the physical realm of the senses.

Second level self awareness is what I have been playing with daily. It is a real joy to be able to adjust thoughts in real time, long before manifestation, and see the end result manifested. It is a delight only experienced when second level self awareness is developed.

well the above is representations of me from the outside.  
once represented as above i can inform myself and experience that inside me.

in this case i was playing with my new app remotely controlled SmartCam and realized that i could catch myself photographing or doing something. 

experienceing those representations of my outsides in my blog is not the normal way that i experience. 

it is impossible to represent my internal experiences in this manner. 


I said “ranger”, “peach”, “novel”, and “sex”.

You said “gorilla”, “apple”, “jury”, and “pocodot”.

… and it’s okay. No one exploded. The fabric of reality is not torn asunder as one might have predicted by traditional thought!   

well yes of course … people thinking about different aspects of things even in the same context usually has little or no effect on the “fabric of reality” experienced by the people talking … and in general absolutely no effect on the “facric of what happens”.  

thought does not manifest … it does not change what happens
will manifests it does change what happens.
me thinks we see that differently.

Thought manifests, will simply makes a manifestation available for sensory discovery.

It goes far beyond “people thinking about different aspects of things”. People can literally manifest things different, and experience things different, even about each other, and reality will not unravel. When two people need something to be the same in order for a common experience to be achieved, if both are in alignment with the experience, then that element will be the same for each of them. It is unavoidable, since they are in vibrational (thought) sync and like vibrations manifest like things.


okay that is your story.

however it is my experience, 
i can think whatever,
and nothing happens unless i do something,
and no other people can share any consequences of those thoughts. 

In part, because the only information you pay attention to in the above scenario is sensory. There is a lot more than just sensory information available, and only one “thing” that is created can become sensory for you, not all of them. That is a natural limitation of the sensory mirror.

As I said at the start … self awareness level 2 is something that can be developed.

well most of the information i pay attention to is not  sensory,
especially if it is about me ...
your stories notwistanding.

“if others are to be effected, shareing any consequences of my thoughts,
then i must do something which informs them”. ← me telling direct experience.

sensing is not getting  information about  myself,  ( ← like in a mirror ),
it is taking in information from outside myself

… otherwise necessarily, i would not call it “sensing” …
i would have to call it something else. 

That is why your term “sensory mirror” always rings false over here.
… or said differently, if you have a “sensory mirror”, it is not what i have.

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sensing is not getting  information about  myself,  ( ← like in a mirror ),
 it is taking in information from outside myself 

I see no difference there. A mirror would be outside yourself, as you are saying. The qualities that make it a mirror are that 1) it is old news. Your senses are showing you what has already happened, a reflection, already manifested, unchangeable, not what is happening now which is changeable now and 2) you can’t ever change what your senses are telling you by manipulating what your senses are receiving any more than you can change what you see in a mirror by manipulating the man in the mirror. All changes you actually make are made first in your own thoughts, however fleeting or unnoticed (you can become as aware of them as you want – second level self awareness). The thought changes first then → will puts the manifestation of the thought into the mirror where → your senses perceive it.

You can become aware of all parts of this process. Humans have the facilities to be thusly aware. Or you can continue to be aware mainly of the sensory information and not of the thought manifestations happening in the other parts of reality. Obviously that is your choice … it is a simple matter of if you want to be more aware or not. The techniques Steiner suggests for increasing awareness are as good for this as the #LOA based ones I use. They all get the same result. Increased awareness of the human processes beyond those of the senses.


well it certainly is true that,
you can’t ever change what your senses are telling you by manipulating what your senses are receiving” …

rather one changes the outside world by what is done ...
then the outside world #informs of what is happening through the senses.

i find nothing about that which is anything like a mirror.
Seems to me, if  there is any actual mirroring involved, it is a corruption of the process.

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The idea of the mirror is only an analogy. If you don’t want to use it, that’s your choice. It is a useful analogy because it makes it easy to identify what one can manipulate directly, and what one cannot. Something that is not so clear to common thinking.

And let’s see you put your finger on a #doing exactly. I know you can put your finger on a thought. And I know you can put your finger on a sensory input. But lets see you go and put your finger on a will #doing.

well i have never been confused and thought i could manipulate what my senses were receiving. 
nor do i believe the common man is so confused.
but i do get confused thinking that what i sense is in a mirror.

Every time i change something outside of myself by #doing something, i am … as you put it … puting my finger exactly on that #deed.  Come visit me in person and i will show you how it is #done.  Right now, sans this change of #background, i am going to program https://www.speaktomecatalog.com/unsubscribe.php to be compatable with Unsubscribe to Speak To Me Catalog newsletter.