The forward flow of change can not be broken

Seth says ...
i must make the coffee,
before i can pour it into the cup. 
i must pour it into the cup,
before i can drink it.

tag #time #change 


If you want to have the experience of making, pouring, and drinking … then yes, you must participate in those experiences.

Or, you can arrive at any point in the process you desire … and as seamlessly integrated as you desire. You can simply walk into the room right after someone else poured it. That would be an integrated experience where you did not make or pour it. You can also close your eyes, shift your vibration (the actual reality), apply your will, and open them where you want to be observing … that is entirely possible too and quite allowed by the universe. But of course to experience that possibility, you first have to have supporting beliefs, and then also thought momentum (experience) in navigating that kind of an experience. Which is what the workshop Lucely went to taught … how to navigate time experiences differently.

the events happen in a specific sequence.  

making up a new sequence of events is a change of topic.