It’s rather challenging, my friend, for those here who’ve never experienced time and space to actually grasp how formidable you sometimes think your illusions are, because, quite frankly, they see the world around you as just more you. 

Cool, huh?
    The Universe


Well apparently those beings can not consistently represent their thoughts in the English language, 
for if “they see the world around me as just more me”, then they do not see me at all.   

That sounds like something only an ego would say. null

Yep, for example, i am an #ego, and i said it.  null

Eckhart Tolle brings some real insight into what an ego is, why an ego is useful, and what we really are beyond ego. The Power of Now is a really good read and well worth it to a non-ego. If you don’t like to read, the audio book is in Eckhart’s own voice and quite charming to listen to.  

… you and D could listen to a chapter before bed each night, or even once week. Shallon and I did that for about a year when we lived together in Seattle.

#shucks i have more exciting thing to think about at this moment in time … i’ll get back to you on it null

i’ll take a look at #PowerOfNow


#btw, #MrUniverse i am a #HumanBeing and i call myself by various names … for example “Seth Russell”, #Vidar, #BozoFaust, or sum.  I  represent here in group seth.    I am son of #GW, brother of group mark and group winnie and uncle to group nathan.  

i consider what people call “my ego” as the distinction between what is me and what is not me.  It is the edge or the boundary between me and the outside world in which i swim.  It is a structural edge in my psychology.  A biologic analogy is a cell wall.   It is the partition through which information flows in and out of my #BeIng.  And in my instance, it is somewht changeable … see #IAmAVariable

#Ego #distinctions #edges #cells

An ego is not a boundary. It is a literal entity composed of our own energy, often acting independently from our own higher self. In it’s positive form, it is responsible for will and the ability to manifest. In it’s negative form it is afraid to die and of being ineffective.

that describes #Ego as a body … as the substance itself … the energy itself.
but the concept works better as the edge where one substance (energy same thing) changes to be another.

it directly concerns attribution of ownership if you want to think in those terms. 

in any case it is an edge in a media, and not the media itself. 

gestalt it that way … try it that way … see if it simplifies some of your thinking.

That very boundary is unnecessary. It is created “by the ego”, is not the ego itself, and we are more effective without that boundary even while we have ego’s. It is only your own ego rising up, afraid of being devalued, that is afraid to see the truth in this. Without the perception “through your ego” you would easily see the boundary for what it is, an illusion. (as the universe talks about above)

i agree, for many aspects of what we do, the distinction is not useful, and even gets in the way.
which is another way to say what you said above … but talking of the #Ego as a distinction rather than a body.

The ego acts as if a body (even though it and all things are really energy). The ego often even acts as an independent body, with it’s own agenda and desires. One can separate their own perception from the perception of the ego and see around it, see the larger picture, or as Eckhart Tolle calls it, “experience the spaciousness surrounding one’s identity”. Or one can stay ego centric for their whole life too … always experiencing the boundary of self and otherness.

it can be #gestlted any way that works for a person.

picture a media of fluxuating energy … let it separate into clusters … now, each cluster can focus on the energy inside its cluster … and now, it can focus on how it separates from the whole … it makes no difference which the clusters name .. just as long as when they talk to each other they are consistent with each other.

You are progressively getting more and more complicated in your modeling, all for what, to justify the illusory boundary the ego creates? That seems to be the only goal in all your speculation.

We each can operate just fine without that illusory boundary. We can even experience otherness without it, contextually, as points of view, instead of on one side and the other side of some thing.

Your ego want’s this boundary to exist, because it is currently how your ego is defining itself. That need of your ego is the only reason it is there at all. But even your ego will find that it can be happy, and support you well as an individual, without the boundary.

… and is it not strange null
and even kind of beautiful null
how you yourself were just now able to use that boundary between us null
which you claim is an illusion null

Illusion only means not an intrinsic part of reality. As the quote at the top of this page says, we humans get very attached to our illusions and act as if they have meaning. Being illusions, they only have the meaning we assign to them in a moment, no other.

I understand these are illusions and that allows me to move around more freely. I am also human, and easily get caught up in the illusions, and that’s okay, it’s part of the show I am here for. Movies on the big screen are also illusions, and yet I enjoy experiencing them. And, I understand that they are illusions and I am able to leave the theater when I desire to do so and enter another one when I desire to do so.  

your illusion is that you can be everything … the entire #multiverses …  #GOD.
rather than a part of it … an individual instance of a #HumanBeing.

It’s easier to be God, easier to be all of it. Because that is what we intrinsically are. All we have to do is “let go” and our Godliness flows in. Being a human is the most difficult thing of all because it requires many layers of artificial and illusory isolation from our true nature. Being a human is the most advanced class of being in the universe – Bashar

It is not time to stop being human, but it is time to start waking up to more of what we already are and continue to be human in that larger context.