Leading to cheat !

While honestly doing my #taxes i asked myself ...

How does #Trump’s attitude towards his taxes, #inform my own #honesty in reporting the taxes that i owe our #Government ?


But me, i refuse to #follow #Trump’s #leadership in this regard …
let him lead the masses, #monkeySeeMonkeyDo,  to #cheat,
not my business.


I don’t believe in income taxes as a general rule … so sounds good to me!  

i.e. It’s really the corporations who are running the country. Everyone knows that. So let the corporations pay directly for their own agendas. The only tax of any kind should be a value added tax. Even #RS said that in his Economy book. He said income tax is a misplaced idea that leads to inflation and incorrect valuing.

So if Trump’s practices lead toward the downfall of income tax … I’m on board with that. It sure ain’t going to happen by natural politics … only something like this.