Requirements for emailing

#SparkPost #newsletters
  1. Verify Sending Domain – including the #DKIM record – #done 
  2. has a website … see – #done 
  3. Compose a #PrivacyPolicy outlining how you work with your customers’ data – #done
  4. emiled sprkpost customer support to see if there is anything else →

Comments  looks good null

i will try twitter … ok twitter does not grab the title.

But G+ is #NotWorking 

apparently Google does think that the data returned by a get on a URL should identify the title in the <title>

dynamic or not !


… and of course our own website does not retrieve and publish the correct <title> … see the body of this thought.

well specifically what is bullshit and why is it bullshit?

or are you just playing some horseshit  game that is wasting my time.

well okay, null sorry about that …. let me put it this way …
i think the timing for fixing titles would go great right now. 
and i write the story that you will do it when you recognize that too null

but other places are not seeing the title of a url as being the title that the author intends.

working on the stupid formating of

null … i found a tool to reformat HTML in a nice outline structure …
works like a charm null

If you have netbeans installed, netbeans does that too … along with syntax highlighting and intellisense. And for all languages, not just HTML ... PHP, JavaScript, even JSON.  

Just choose Source / Format from the menu.

yeah i see that now … didn’t see it last week

thumbs up