The Dare ! - was: Past Present and Future

Seth says ...

the #past informs the present giving it #meaning …
the #present stands directly on the past as its #result …
the #future is for us to #create.

Re “the past informs the present giving it meaning” ...

A thought has no meaning isolated from other thoughts … none whatsoever.  

I #dare you!!  

Try as you can to think a though in isolation from any other and have it mean anything to you in the slightest. 

The same dare for your #deeds  null !

tag #thinking 


”the #present stands directly on the past as its #result …”

This is a belief. It is “the belief” that maintains a sense of time presence for an individual.
It is not a required aspect of reality, only an aspect experienced because of the supporting beliefs.
It is one of the “house rule” beliefs humans usually adopt. (See Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman)
It is not an intrinsic property of reality like #LOA is.
It is as mutable as a conscious being cares to mutate it.