Portable Collapsable Lantern

This is a really kewl  #products for #speaktomecatalog
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unfortunately i am not sure that this particular produce is all that competative … see others at amazon … especially the solar powered ones.

Yep. I have used quite a few LED lights in the last few years, some like this one. If it is typical, then the plastic fabric around the spring will tear within a fairly short number of uses, the battery compartment cover comes off too easy, and the switch fails.

Though even the solar powered ones seem to stop charging soon too. Basically I consider these all throw away items and get them on http://wish.com (wish app on iPhone) for a dollar or two instead of $15 … use them for a camping trip or two, and throw them away when they stop working.


For example. A 5 pack of these is $2 on wish.

yeah apparently denise and i are behind a bit on our camping gear knowledge … #OhWell
we just now discovered these new “collapsable” products … several ones now in the kitchen category of the catalog.

still and all this is a #kewl product and i intend to use it myself null

IMHO your real competition is no longer Amazon, but is the new foreign based places like wish. Their stuff is pennies on the dollar and for the most part the quality is good for what you pay and shipping costs are lowish. The only downside is that they generally take about a month to ship from overseas … but lots of times that is no big deal for stuff like this.

Lots of people I know are addicted to wish now. They order stuff every day. Crazy but true … and doesn’t cost more than a burger a day to order several items.

p.s. Like I got this great quality screwdriver set that fits ANY electronic device, from phones to laptops, all the weird bits, and a nice magnetic closure case, for $10 on wish. In the store it’s $50. I love it and have been using it a lot.

“this screwdriver” = what?


not something that i can keep in my pocket