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here is an example #SparkPost list input file … hopefully csv’s will upload here
→ #shucks , they get an “invalid media type” error.

okay here is the test template …
recipient@example.com,Example Recipient,reply@example.com,"{""foo"": ""bar""}","{""member"": ""Platinum"", ""region"": ""US""}","[""test"", ""example""]"

apparently i can’t just leave the metadata field blank

No that is not it #bozo ! … you forgot to remove the “,” from inside the name null

Okay, that phase is #done → seth

Now to the next phase.

This page, Sending Your First Email,  tells how to actually send emails with #SparkPost

setting up the unsubscribe link … see these instructions
also here

my current unsubscibe link goes here → Click here to unsubscribe to this newsletter


which posts to unsubscribe.php … which should be my webhook target where i process this kind of json response as well as the other …
POST /unsubscribe_form.php HTTP/1.1
Host: www.speaktomecatalog.com
Content-Type: application/json
X-MessageSystems-Batch-ID: 77c2b630-d712-11e4-9642-efc2723b99c1
Connection: close
    "msys": {
      "unsubscribe_event": {
        "type": "list_unsubscribe",
        "campaign_id": "Example Campaign Name",
        "customer_id": "1",
        "delv_method": "esmtp",
        "event_id": "92356927693813856",
        "friendly_from": "sender@example.com",
        "ip_address": "",
        "ip_pool": "Example-Ip-Pool",
        "mailfrom": "recipient@example.com",
        "message_id": "000443ee14578172be22",
        "msg_from": "sender@example.com",
        "msg_size": "1337",
        "num_retries": "2",
        "queue_time": "12",
        "rcpt_meta": {
          "customKey": "customValue"
        "rcpt_tags": [
        "rcpt_to": "recipient@example.com",
        "raw_rcpt_to": "recipient@example.com",
        "rcpt_type": "cc",
        "routing_domain": "example.com",
        "sending_ip": "",
        "subaccount_id": "101",
        "subject": "Summer deals are here!",
        "template_id": "templ-1234",
        "template_version": "1",
        "timestamp": "1454442600",
        "transmission_id": "65832150921904138"

Getting SparkPost customer service for the following points …
refer to sparkpost email thread in my private email here →

the output format for the #SupressionList is given here https://developers.sparkpost.com/api/suppression-list.html

transmissions (or mailings) by the #SparkPost api are specified here …. https://developers.sparkpost.com/api/transmissions.html

Note the recipients can be a stored list id. 

← here is a sample of the headers of my old email campaign.