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p.s. Moved this over here not to pollute your original thought. I am always very nice about that, not like some shitters around this place! I know my ideas are “leading edge” and not what all your readers want to hear. And I tell it like it is, not mamby pamby out of my own business poly speak.  


it is a #RealGroup which meets on Tuesdays (~ 6PM)  at #LuthersTable (which is a coffee shop) to discuss philosophic questions.

#LOL … I will vote. That list is so easy to vote on using #LOA.

1) Never choose reason over passion. Rather choose excitement over reason, always. Just know the difference between excitement inspired passion, and non-excitement inspired passion. Always seek to identify excitement and then decide based on it. You will never go wrong, with passion, or any other emotion for that matter.

2) Our assumptions about other people confuse our actions. What other people do, and think, is never our business. As long as we are trying to sort out things about others, we are totally missing what we should be sorting out inside ourselves which, if we only sort out those things that are about us, we will always be in the best possible relationship to all others. We are meant to be us, they are meant to be them, and then, we meet!

3) #LOL … refer to both 2 and 1 … what other people do on food stamps is not ever our business. There is not a shortage of resources, there is only a shortage of people minding their own business, and staying in the integrity of their own life.