Why Law of Attraction Doesn't Work - That's right, it does not work!

And the good part? The good part is that the stuff you want to hear is right at the beginning of the video! No wading through a pile of shit just to get to the story you wanted to hear.  


She didn’t say that: Why Law of Attraction Doesn't Work - That's right, it does not work! – she also translated the context into “are you ready for it?” .. a supporter of faith or belief from pure desire & having it NOW.

Well, from my point of view, she did tell you exactly why it doesn’t work.

I listened to the whole thing . I summarized it above. In your interpretation & context you hold the question that way. BTW “are you ready for it?” is a goodie.

There are many AbeTubes that start with “Are you ready ….” but none I can find that are “Are you ready for it?” … is this like the classic “Beam me up Scotty?” which never actually was said with those exact words?

The exact words are just your #RWGBoomerang – itching for some action.

If there was a boomerang involved here, it was the hope you had found a good one for me to listen to. Seems to me there are times when you have the capacity to find rwg in something as non-combative as a rock on the beach, IMHO. It seems to saturate and exude from everything you observe, or so your tale goes.

Yep, that’s one!