The Behavior Sequences

Beliefs ==> Perception ==> Interpretation ==> Emotional reaction ==> Thoughts ==> Action
Experience --> Perception --> Cognition --> Effect
Interpretation --> Reaction Sensation --> Meaning --> Reaction Appearance
Peter Ralston
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who came up with that sequence?  i need to know the first … so that i can aptly title this thought.

Thinking is a process of creating.
Perceiving is a process of experiencing.

Senses, are only a subset of perception.

I did say that when I first supplied it. That sequence is given to us by Bashar.  

Perhaps, but does he get the origination coin?

i could have sworn that i saw it elsewhere first … not from you or from Bashar. 

mark , did you get that sequence from Bashar, or someone who quoted Bashar?

anyway my agenda is not to refute or deny that sequence … but merely to say that it is not the only one.

#LOL … the basic truth is the basic truth. It comes from many sources. Once found, it IS what IS.  

there is not talk of “basic truth” here in this thought.  this thought is about a sequence of behavior and/or experience.

I agree. There are many. Especially for a particular purpose. This sequence is for the purpose of understanding how, and where, to make change in ones experience.

Doesn’t change that the sequence above is a basic truth … and being so, hardly matters the coin. It IS what IS. Applying a coin to a basic truth is like saying Kellog’s invented cereal.

my inquiry has nothing to do with that however true of false it might ring.

i am just want to know who published that sequence first for my own interest in History. 

Well, “all history is created from the present”.  … also a direct Bashar quote. So do as thy beliefs will.  

i can change my experience by making changes on any element of my experience. 

i have no idea what you are talking about.

yeah well i don’t believe that one. 

nor does knowing that Bashar believes it answer my inquiry.

Well for instance, this sequences shows how the most dramatic change will occur by changing a belief … whereas, though changing a thought can change the reality experience, the thought can only be changed within the belief structure, and even within the perception of last experience.

well to go with that i would need be able to make a tangable distinction between thought and belief. 

i don’t think we have done that yet.

Got a mouse in your pocket there Uncle? Don’t the dictionary definitions work very nicely?

that attitude toward my thought will not inform my thought.  rather it just informs me about you.

let me put it this way …

to go with that i would need be able to make a tangable distinction between a thought which #RingsTrue to me and one that i would claim that “i believe”. 

i don’t think we have done that yet.


In both of those you seem to be equating a belief to a thought. But they are so different. A belief is not a thought. #RingsTrue would be telling you that a thought is in agreement with a belief you hold. It is that feeling we get when we are matching our thoughts to our beliefs. The belief itself is not like a thought. A belief can be know by asking …

In order for “such and such” to be true, what would I have to believe?

That is actually Bashar AND Tolle’s process for eliciting a belief.

well i will neet to think about that one #sethhmmm

Peter Ralston had a sequence of encounter which was much more refined than your bucket

#thanks → mark … i added #SequenceOfEncounter to this comparison,  that is the one i remembered.

i also generalized the title.

I have always disliked block diagrams – mostly because they needed so many extra words to explain what they are supposed to be communicating. Of course the more words one puts in the diagram the more one might ask “why not just use the words in full sentences in the first place?” 

That’s about what I said. Overly complicated. By the time you get it all figured out and all the exceptions put in, your back with where you started, belief. Belief is really what it is all about. From that point, any model is possible.