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Mark de LA says ...
The person who reads this :
my friend is a CUNT, Asshole & would fuck his grandmother if he had a chance! null 
my friend ‘s favorite pose:


You are the only one using the [author] tag to shit on people like this mark. Some people bully, most don’t. I guess you just it as a bully feature huh? Go figure.

You must be looking in the mirror as you run your own shit! #MakeShitUp – keep on bullying!null

You got that right. I bully back. Check out all my other forums. No bulling there. Just handing it back to the bully here. If you don’t like it, don’t bully, like you did above, and it will not come back to you. Well, in truth, whatever you put out does come back to you, but if it isn’t bullying, then maybe it will be something nice.   

– your mind’s in a blender – sing a song instead – no logic or persuasion in your bag today! nullnull

Yes. Have you ever tried to persuade a bully not to bully? Has it ever worked? Have you ever even met another bully, other than one of #GW’s Gemini selves?

Yep, d’Asshole your have the Hillary “brain in a blender” problem still!