The Medium is the Message - comment 74259

Seth says ...
well yeah i kind of agree … except perhaps where we hair up, #Supervene, to humanity as a whole viewed from a very long duration.  from that perspective, new media coming into existence actually is the new input information to the system null.  

But even from a narrorer perspective of a single personal life, is not new media being depolyed really what informs  the #BeIng? For example i gave #GW a calculator for Christmas one year.  I gave him no mathmatical informtion whatsoever in that gift.  Yet it changed the course of his inquirey for years.

Which, #btw , was not my intention … i just wanted to give him a Christmas #chotskies.


If you wish to activate the thought that the medium is the message, then consider this. What is the medium we all are in?

From one point of view, you changed #GW’s direction of investigation by giving him a calculator. From another point of view, he reached a point where his direction of investigation needed to change, and therefore, within the medium of his reality (his experience) you provided a calculator. And you Seth reached a point where you needed to feel the worth of giving a value added gift, so you experienced giving a calculator that changed his direction of investigation.

If the medium we are in is a shared medium, you both would not always be able to have equal value experiences. But if each of us is within our own medium, then the possibilities for equal value experiences become endless … which better matches the real transactions that occur between people that we can observe IMHO.

well your description of this  event being caused by #LOA hangs together well over here null.  on my end of the match i  certainly put some soul searching into what what #GW would actually use … that was a combination of rational and intuitive thought with a tinge of excitement to give my father a gift.   on his end, of course, i have no idea.    

it does seem  that the match could have been attracted,  … or not …  just as one chooses.  

if we are in a shared medium externally,  i don’t see why you assume there is some necessary requirement that both ends of a match experience equal value.  in fact i rather expect those relative values  are wildly different,  even were they would be measurable.   

if we were not in a shared medium externally, and everybody had their own bubble media … like in our insides … then it seems to me that comparing values between them, when external matches occured, would be completely irrelevant to anything whatsoever.  

For example try your theories out on buying a dozen eggs from the family down the street for $6.   Compare that to buying a similar dozen from Fred Meyer for $4.50. 

ps.  it is interesting to think of experience as media as you have done above.   i think that is getting closer to your “multi verse” jumping.  maybe more about that later.