The Oath of Truth

I ____ swear to utter the truth
in everything i say and do
here and everywhere
now and forever
as prescribed by the G.B.G.

Just for the record … published here off the top of my head. 
Even thought I may not have gotten the wording exactly accurate.  

The “as perscribed by the G.B.G.” was the part that i, seth, would not swear to.
Here is the original source …

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#LOL … how quaint!

I thought stuff like that went out of thinking way before the turn of the 19th century. Who would have thought people were doing stuff like that in the 1960’s? null

But then, blacks were still sent to the back of the bus in the 60’s, so I guess ….

Well I wrote this this Morning Oath of Truth – my thoughts on the subject do not extend to
#AlreadyAlwaysArguing     – I’m #done

i don’t think there is anything “quaint” about telling the truth in all that you say and do.  In fact it is something that i wish people did more of.  Rubrics like this are not so very stylish as you suppose.

I meant the line “as prescribed by the G.B.G.” … and it doesn’t matter if you read it as the truth the G.B.G prescribes, or that the G.B.G prescribes that you tell the truth. Both are quaint, because who’s truth are you going to tell? 

Modern thinking (not quaint) would be to always be authentically you … and to do it because that IS YOU, not because some organization says to. Truth is relative to beliefs … but you are always you, either being authentically you, or playing some role that is not authentically you.

There are several interpretations …
  1. i promise to utter truth because it is prescribed that i utter truth. 
  2. i promise to  utter truth because it is prescribed that i promise.
  3. i promise to utter the truth which is prescribed .
None do i like.

Were I to promise to be honest, this is how i would promise …

I promise to utter truth.


Personally i do not get how #1 & #2 make any sense as how i should make a #promise …
which is why i chose to interpret the #oath as meaning #3
which is not something that i will promise.

Note the “without haggling” part of the probationer commission . He was throughout speaking to people who wanted & chose of their own free will to gain the fruits of his experience & not a bunch who had to be convinced to join like most modern societies etc. like Scientology & the churches  or the democratic political party XOR LOA cults.
BTW – it was self-sustaining but not a money-making enterprise.  You can get that by reading the whole commission.