I Love Hillary <3



#Bullshit … i wonder if you noticed.

I hate long winded infomercials.

What I noticed (by putting it on in the background and listening while I did other things … which apparently Mark doesn’t know how to do, hence his non-content shitting) … is that someone is selling the idea that Hillary and a bunch of High Pushers are pushing prescription drugs in an attempt to change the political climate, and has been working on it since the mid 1990’s.

Trump’s strategy seems so much simpler and immediate … just get people thinking about what you want to happen, no matter if they think positive about it, or negative about it.

Hillary’s strategy only works if all the players are doing that same long winded thinking and approach. Trumps way, which is based on an intrinsic principle of reality, will trump it every time.

N theory goes about as far as a Budweiser or Coke commercial – people celebrating etc. Go find you own on YouTube XOR remember the point of the VALS survey appealing to various kinds of people & demographics.

More non-content shitting. When you have an idea to present, try forming it with you mind, and saying it with your words, instead of evacuating it through your asshole. Thanks!  

Maybe because your item itself needs burning. Go thou & do likewise! null

”N Theory” … well at least I have a theory, and I present it with my words. If everyone would only do that, all would be well in the world.

It is the shittings, and judgments, that create the turmoil, not the theories.

Maybe if you used other words besides “shittings” I would be “attracted” to do the same.  BTW I did post something new in group cheng hsin this AM .  Politics is demographics to the democrat party & principles & country to Trump (republicans, conservatives & whatever).  If one wants to sell Budweiser then show a bunch of people in a bar having a good time & partying. Hence most of the SuperBowl commercials show up in football coverage.

Okay, fair enough. I used that word because the comments you make, like the first one above, don’t contribute in any way to the conversations. They are much like a pile of something left in the road to have to step over, step in, trip on, or go around. They don’t have content that is useful for others to integrate.

Yep that’s your side of the story.

I have no interest in integrating, thinking about, or discussing why you personally hate something. I really doubt anyone else does either.

me too.  i always wonder when mark tells me what he does not like.  … then i almost always think, “mark said that to me to say what?” … i’m sorry, i guess that is a bad habit of mine … i null him anyway.

As I already said KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR FUCKING COMMENTS – quit aiming #RWGBait my way & I will gladly ignore your boring stuff. Funny, though you folks can’t stop doing it.

When I put your mark name tag in something, it is intended “for your eyes”. When I talk about you and it is not intended for your eyes, I simply write Mark … and you will only be aware of the later if you go hunting for it and read it. Be selective about what you read. It’s your brain, garbage in, garbage out.

Funny, though you folks can’t stop doing it.null

Seems like it is you who always keeps the ball rolling mark. … right up until you null … and even then you often come back for more. Go look at all the dialogs … you will discover this truth.