well maybe also #kudos → nathan

but using #hooponopono on myself is a weirdness that i have yet to #grock 

Okay. And I get that. The first step on that journey is to realize that #hooponopono is never done on anyone but you. In the video, this is actually stated clearly too.  

Dr. Len did not cure the patients. He cured the afflictions inside himself that were what the patients had … hence, since he could no longer represent those afflictions, neither could the pateients.

well you descibe it quite differently than would i.   i need more information about the technique.

but according to my understanding, the doctor would have changed something inside himself, then interacted with the patients without conflicting with their insides.   that is quite different than the way you describe it.  i need to read more about it. 

In the video, and in all the write ups, it is stated that Dr. Len did not interact with the patients. He only read their files, and sat in his office doing #hooponopono. He occasionally bumped into one of them in the hall or lunch room, but did not ever interact with them in any way to do with each of their illnesses, and some patients he never had contact with at all, nor did he interact with the staff about the patients. This was one of his stipulations before he went to the asylum … and though everyone thought it weird, they were desperate … and it worked beautifully.  

well i got that first he did not interact, but just read the files.  clearly it was the work he did on himself that made the difference. 

but he did not explicatively say that he (and his staff) did not ever interact with the patients ever at all.   you are talking about remote effect in this context … which is not something in which i believe happens in this #psychological context.

like i said, i need more information. 

Well, please do research it. There is nothing to hide from you here. It is all very simple and straight forward.

yes the reading is just a few clicks from #hooponopono to here null since we are in this domain null