When you play a game with family and friends, my friend, like hide and seek, Twister, or even Monopoly, do you lose sleep the night before? Do you worry what people will think of your performance? Do you wonder how your past or your childhood years might influence your moves? Do you "replay" each turn in your mind the day after? 

No. Because it’s just for fun. You understand that no matter what happens, nothing about it can detract from who you are. That while you might not "win," you’ll be richer and wiser for the time spent thinking, and calculating, and sharing with friends. You might even relish the refinement and development of your skills. Besides, in games you have nothing to prove; everyone you play with already loves you. 

Bottom line, you can become more for the playing, but not less. And so, the more you play, the more fun you have, the more you grow, and the better you get. 


Well, these are the exact same reasons that angels play the "Time~Space" game. 

my friend, it’s why you’re here. 

Your roll, 
    The Universe


Some know when to play & when to work & when to study & when to sleep etc. Life is not all just of one character. 

Life is whatever you make of it, including all that. Life is your experience of it. Nothing more, nothing less.  

.. & you say that trite #DejaPoop to say what?  Did you think I did not already have a grasp of such? null

Many say that Life is meaningless (also empty) & that that doesn’t mean anything . null
Perhaps the clothes have no emperor inside! null