my friend, the root of every "evil" is looking to time and space for meaning, solutions, or identity; for friends, love, and laughter; for wealth, health, and harmony. 

The source of all material things is spirit, which is molded by your thoughts and then, without judgment, impressed upon matter before your very eyes. Trying to get what you want by looking to time and space is like trying to change your reflection in the mirror without changing yourself. 

Instead, look within. Create images with your thoughts of your desired end results. 

    The Universe


my friend, nobody in their right mind would look to time and space for anything but the possiblity of change.  Your friends, laughter, health and harmony are not #inside you,  they are you interacting with what is #outside of you.  

“The source of all material things is spirit” only because those are two signs spelled differently designating the same general classification.  But spirits are not molded exclusively “by your personal thoughts and then impressed upon other spirits” … rather it takes your #deeds to share your personal spirits with those other ones #outside you in the #world.

Create possibilities with your thoughs, and then express the in the #world.

#LOL … so sayeth the mime in the box, pantomiming reality, but never actually venturing out into it … only swimming in a virtual representation of it … the man trapped inside a video game of life.   

null null strange, that is what you appear to me to be doing.  Note that your term “venturing out into it”  is getting #outside of your self … er, out of your box.   “Looking #inside into your self” … looking inside your “virtual representations” is staying inside your box.

That is unless black is white inside your box, up is down, and inside is outside.  Then, were that ring true, you will in fact get just what you talk about null

“out of your box” – Exactly … so get out there. Experience direct knowing. Feel yourself creating, the tendrils of your thoughts forming and coalescing matter. Know what it is to heal an undesirable urge in your being and watch all such urges disappear from your entire reality experience. Make a wish and watch it materialize in your hand. Play with others so deeply that your every thought forms them, and their every thought forms you. Feel the love of source channeling through you like you are on fire and watch that fire ignite the beingness of others and form their passions. Go deep into otherness, join with it, become it, drown in it, instead of keeping otherness at a distance, separate from your self in your box.  


yeah sounds great null

except “ #thoughts coalesce matter (spirit)”, 
er, #deeds do that #outside of yourself,
not thoughts. 

Now inside yourself, well #shucks i do not know, i am not in there null

#deeds are just footprints in the sand. They are not the sand itself, and they are not the experience. #deeds are what is left, the mark upon the material, the echo of what happened.

Many people look only to deeds. They remember them, they organize and quantify them. They form their opinions of others upon them. They experience their story of being though them

… and in so doing, they miss the experiences that the deeds recorded. They miss life itself happening. Don’t focus on deeds, except to follow their trail in the sand, and catch up to where the living experience creating the deeds is happening!  

Well yes the deed is not the experience of the deed ← no doubt about that.   i see no value in distinguishing between a spirit that motivated a deed and the deed itself as long as it was actually done … relative to yourself, they are the same thing … unless you are paralized.  That distinction whout a important difference is the only way i can read your “#deeds are just footprints in the sand. They are not the sand itself”.

more direct for me to think …
#deeds leave footprints in the sand.
it is the footprints we are after,
not the sand. 

#deeds are but footprints in the sand.
it is the experience of dancing we are after.
the #deeds left behind for others to see,
are but an echo of the party
spirit had.
Do you only see the deeds?

i experience the echo of what i did,
and see the party it created.

Exactly. This is what one focused on #deeds would experience. One is always an observer when one is identifying with deeds. The dancing, the activity, happens in the realm of spirit. The deeds are the recording of the spirit experience in the form of time and space. As you say, you “see the party”, and “experience what was done” … which is quite different from direct participation, and direct knowing … which are never concerned with #deeds, because the direct experience of creating in time and space is the real thrill to experience and behold!
Don’t face reality, create reality!

there are as many ways to “focus on doing something” … or actually #DoIt … as there are men on this earth.  

i find no useful distinction in your words as they apply to me, 
only your assumptions about something of which you know nothing. 
But #shucks … if that is the way you do it, it sure sounds great to me.

Well, if you don’t face then something else is pointing at it! null

I don’t remember saying this since the origin item is edited out. I must have copied a contrived platitude & emoted about it at some time. #OutOfContext

I know what it is to focus on #deeds, to as you say “do it”, as I spent the majority of my life doing exactly that. The rewards were, I learned a lot about the footprints of the parties happening. I learned to know everything that happened and even imagine I had been there, by examining deeds, and doing my own deeds.

Then one day, quite by chance at first, I walked in on a real party happening. It was then I discovered the incredible joy in thinking another, and having them think me. It was then that I discovered the clarity of directly knowing, instead of inferring from deeds.

Now I attend the parties, experience creating myself and others, and sometimes, enjoy looking at the footprints left behind, remembering the experience, the creative act of thought and being, that left those echo’s behind as things in time and space.

#DontDoIt → 

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??? … are you trying to say you are “the universe”? If so, that’s cool!