FakeNews - A guide & Fact Checking

The Article seems somewhere like the Onion written by a WND author.  Not sure what her political persuasion is yet. She doesn’t appear on FB or Twitter. Other of her articles here on WND.


the comparison is not too far off of my view of those channels  null
I like the 2 dimensional matrix … left/right … highQuality/poorQuality.

of late CNN has drifted, not so much left, as just anti #Trump.   They do that not so much by the content of their stories, but by the choice of how frequently to air anti trump stories and their choice not to air positive trump stories.  I perceive that Trump and CNN are in a sever negative feedback cycle.  It is time for somebody to jump out of that loop.

I don’t hold this article as authoritive but more just interesting. It was published on the WND website which is labeled in the map as “garbage right”.null

More authoritative is Discover the Networks which has been around a long time & goes into depth on people & organizations. I wonder if anyone has done anything on the right as deep.
Their front splash :