Read between the lines ...


Bear in mind that #IDoNotKnow …

but i listened to Spicer’s press conference today above which told one story … which did sound plausable as spoken null … but this one told by Bloomberg hangs together better for me from a larger perspective. 

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 null P.1669

Quote from the TAO TEH KING Chapt 71 is appropriate here: "To know & yet think we do not know is the highest attainment;  not to know & yet think we do know is a disease;  it is simply by being pained at the thought of having this disease that we are preserved from it.  The sage has not this disease.  He knows the pain that would be inseparable from it & hence does not have it."  Compare Bacon’s "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing".  To be aware is the first step, then forces come to help us apply what we know!" P.2542

The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?

Drip, drip, drip … “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence” ~ NYT

time for the Plumbers

… er, live by the swoard … die by the sword.

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Holdovers from the Obama Administration – career liberals I suspect.null

yeah probably … maybe he is not paranoid … maybe people really are out to get him … does that matter?

thing is when you get a type of psychology there in the oval office, the same thing happens.

XOR maybe the paranoids are in the media & the liberal twits who send it around . The hysterics of the losing liberals is out of control. 

well your attitude is leading  #Trump’s morning tweet by a couple of hours …

both predicted by mine above
#btw do you tweet and if so what’s your account?

nullDon’t know if you noticed, but i find that i can think live in twitter now … suddenly a vast number of people to rubb my thoughts against … no need to wait for them to come over here nullnull.


the current dialogued between the author of the Bloomberg Piece, and #Trump  is in twitter here

Notice Trump’s misdirection … his flim flam … his shell game … so under which cup is the pea?

I set you a tweet. 

from the #nyt to #spicer …

From the beginning, when an apprehensive America wondered what was ahead, you stood behind the lectern at the White House and lied. Even though lots of people do it now, you were a trailblazer, and nobody can take that away from you.

nyt editorial board

… scathing !   

There are emotional consequences of this new spin world to authentic reporters.  I can empathize.

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Hmmm… – a place for escaping female #NYTimes writers