SNL' spoof of Kellyanne Conway

#OMG null  #SNL pegged her.   How can she possibly keep a straight face now null

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To track the developments of #FakeNews and #AlternativeFacts and the #propoganda of #Trump live and in real time … you could find not better source than to follow @KellyannePolls on twitter.


the real interview …
a spoof in response ...


#SNL ceased to be funny several years ago. I am surprised it is still around.  I guess the lefties are what sustain it these days. I have tuned in several times since I quit watching & it is still the #sos . Must be a training ground for improvisational commedians.null

i will bet their audience is increasing by leaps and bounds now … with #Trump’s attentions driving the increase.

last night i thought the political skits were spot on … well worth staying up to watch null 

Wit has already left the building. null Only half-wits are left. (double meaning) 

And this is a jucy #spy story … i wonder how it will play out in the news cycle … and the #FakeNews cycle …

The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins

some background also from the #ObserverCom 

The larger your post the faster I speed past it #IDC 
Another  reason to be able to flush the news panel.

Some more context  re #SNL …

Why Saturday Night Live Is More Important Than Ever

which is why it is such a good idea null that we each curate our own attention null

#KellyAnneConway ‘s latest tweet … she is not taking the bait … #BoilingBunnies null

#btw mark, this is a public forum here, is it not ? … so no hiding my comments … or i will just move my thought out of #HarmsWay .  

I presumed that you wanted to maintain a open form here about #politics … if not, then let me know and i will gladly think my political thoughts elsewhere and ignore your potentially useful place to think about politics with no censorship by a group owner.

Just giving you a taste of what some asshole did to my comments elsewhere.  About 80 of them. null

okay, i get it, tit for tat shit, notwistanding that probably most of those 80 hidse were not me doing the hiding.   fun random shit flying in the air.  goody goodey shit fight … all gather around and suck up the #juice.