…. maybe a good Chrome tool in which to develop API calls 
for example, in my current project, right in the SparkPost doc i see …

← one developer communicating effeciently with another

put it in my Dock null

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#OMG this might be the best way to write code to access an api

If you have ever opened the file that is created when you export a collection from within the Postman app, you’d notice that it actually is a JSON file. The file contains all data (and metadata) that is required by Postman to recreate the collection when imported back into Postman. The same file is utilised by Newman to run the collection from command-line.

Instead of sharing complex API documentation, developers could now share collections that exactly outline the web services (along with documentation and tests.)

of course i hesitate to add have a file to stick in the application under a button for a user to execuite it nullnull … which i have yet to demonstrate pondering

In the specific project that i am doing now, ‘Project: Sparkpost for Speak To Me Catalog”, that will almost certainly be a php program under called for in the “email mailing procedure for speaktomecatalog

Well, if you ever open the export from a #TD thought, or collection of thoughts, (the stuff on your clipboard after an export) you will find the exact same thing … all the data, comments, tags, widgets, quads, metadata, source, dates, original indexes, and all the meta info about where it came from, all in JSON format.

well actually i did open a export and looked at it in “Json Browser”.   i am well aware of the convenience of transmitting structured data from process to process in #json and have done it myself in several places.  

#btw, i have security concerns about passing that data  through a clipboard where it can be composed willy nilly by whomever. 

… er, we could maybe learn something from the Star Wars

more about postman collections.  this tool seems solid and well documented.  

Collections can be downloaded as a JSON file which you can share with others or shared through your Postman account. You can also share collections anonymously but it is strongly recommended to create a Postman account when uploading collections. This will let you update your existing collection, make it public or delete it later.

#hmmm …. 

  of course i have yet to edit specifics for Project: Sparkpost for Speak To Me Catalog into the API calls, but the doc to do it is right there in POSTMAN next to where it needs to be changed.  

← Note: that button is really for  Chrone only.  Clicking on it in FF or Explorere and/or not on a Mac will not work nearly as well and will probably yield a confusion. 

si #OMG … it #FuckingWorks yesheart

Yes. It is quite easy to simply encrypt the clipboard package for production release. But right now it is much nicer for development and debugging to be able to work with the JSON … and someone would have to be a ninja level #TD master to actually do something with the JSON they couldn’t do just by normal editing of the thoughts anyway, and even then it wouldn’t kill the system, just mainly allow spoofing the ownership of added information.

But all of that can be easily rectified by encrypted packages so that the flexibility and intuitive ease of using the clipboard can remain a viable proliferation option.

#OOB transfers are possible too, and technically quite easy, but procedurally very complex, mainly because it would require dual login semantics which is not directly supported by browsers and HTTP protocols … using the clipboard completely gets around the need for synchronized logins on both ends since the login is the normal one already in the browser cookie and is automatically only one login per domain at a time.

Security Note: I moved this into group fbi so that it can inform development of   But the data accessed in the collection “a SparkPost for Speak” (seen via the button above)  will become live and the authorizations for that data will be in the headers of each transaction.  I trust those of you with passwords to this group not to abuse or manipulate that data … and i trust the system security applied to group fbi by  #SeriTD to keep out hackers.  

Later when the app is tested and working the transactions will be transferred to a program at with appropriate gated access.  

the SparkPost dashboard is eaiser to understand than the interface in POSTMAN to set this up … they did  a fine job there.