Lucifer Takes over

Miami says ...
Well if you haven’t noticed the analogy, a well established burn spreads and keeps spreading as more and more fuel becomes available to support it.

… and in fact, that is what is happening. Burning Man was the first. There are now more than 35 regional burns being held yearly across just this country and the number is growing and the attendance of each is growing every year and the successful spilling over of the burn ideology and experience into normal life is also growing … YES Island being but one that did spill over right now.  

Total freedom for each of us, *IS*  the  #Lucifer #GOD finally #winning ! 

one story, that is told

Me, i tell a different story null


Yep. There are Total Freedom Cults and groups and experiences out there. Lots of them. They are different. They are based on “doing what you want to others”, not on “experiencing what you want and taking 100% responsibility for the experience”.

When (if) you have a burn experience, you will deeply know the difference.  

Virtually no one at a burn “does things to others” … and absolutely not without consent. The “fire” aspect of a burn does not represent traditional Hell and/or Lucifer. Tolerance is highly practiced, but not tolerance of being a victim as in the Lucifer model, only tolerance of self expression.

i would not characterize the #Lucifer #edge (#GOD) as “traditional Hell” nor the burn as the brimstone in the stories of #hell.   That is an old story from people of long ago.  it needs of some more pertinence in today’s world.

Here i am talking about a real #edge that exists today … not the myth we learned as children. 

I am talking about the #edge that you say yourself that you are on one side of, and I on the other. 

I am talking about your side of the edge where you can believe on faith something like this …

Means nothing ... except what meaning any particular person assigns to that label in that moment. All of your relationships require people to assign the same meanings to the same stimulus. We simply don’t have to assign any meaning other than the one that supports our experience to any stimulus. Thinking we have to assign the same meaning as the one providing the stimulus is the grand illusion people are hypnotized to follow. It is not required for elegant transactions with others … and in fact, detracts from the very elegance of the available transactions.  

People who assign meanings to stimulus which support that person automatically provide feedback to others that supports others and the whole system self replicates elegantly. It only takes one to start doing it and stop being hypnotized into same thinking patterns.  


Internal freedom is great
absolute internal freedom can be called “Lucifer”
that is just a name for it.
It is not my way.

So then, you are stuck in a lopsided configuration. Both the Luciferic and the Arimanic influences are important. The “way” is to bring all the forces into harmony and balance, not to disown some, or to emphasize some. 

By devaluing the value in the Luceferic influence you are a self made cripple in terms of your authentic and complete reality experience. You still “assign your own meaning”, but you don’t do it authentically through your own being and source, you do it by virtue of outside and/or random influences … so effectively, you are owned by it instead of owning it. #hmmm …. right?

well my life, my #LoaSwim  *is* a balance between those forces … and even others.

I do not devalue internal freedom … it is definitely great! … in ways that i could go on and on about almost indefinitely,  just like you do.

Rather it is you who keep saying “go only with 100% internal freedom”, … that is almost exclusively what you keep saying.

Me, i am actually into the balance. 

I never ever said “go with 100% internal freedom” … never did, never would, never thought it. That in fact would be an imbalance in the force Luke!  

What I say, again and again, is “take 100% responsibility for every aspect of your experience, good, bad, or ugly”. (well, I added the good, bad, and ugly this time … but it is true )

well as far as i can see, it is the same thingy … or at least the way you do it here … and the way you talk about it here incessantly.  

but, hey, you can say anything your want about it, now can’t you … after all you are 100% responsible for making it what you want it to be internally.  so of course you won’t be able to hear that which is outside which notices it being quite different. 

maybe you can see how that works … oh #shucks, you wont be able to … your internal excitement is quite in a different place null

No, in this case, I am talking about the basics. The few shared components of all experience between all entities. Not something I am making up. It is verifiable by simple doing of it.

well there are more than just “a few shared components of experiences between entities”. 

i have no idea why you seem not to notice, or value,  their vast expanse. 

… and yes that expanse is verifiable by #doing and #sensing 

What is easy to verify is just how few things are shared. We have talked about this before and you have agreed. Simply start a conversation with anyone about what is being experienced in this moment … you will be surprised at how little is actually shared and how much is assumed to be shared that is not.

Another way is to have two people having the same experience write it down and then have a 3rd person evaluate where both of the people are and what they are doing. In a large number of instances the 3rd person will conclude that both people are having a different experience in a different place by only reading about the experiences of each individual.

It can be objectively proved in quite a number of ways that common experiences are simply something people assume because of how they think about reality and what they think it is (i.e. the belief that it is two people in one reality). We literally force, trick, and coerce our own minds into believing we are having common experiences … but when we put that to the test in nearly any way at all, we discover the illusion … it is right there for anyone brave enough to honestly look at it. But few will, because they will be afraid the truth will mean they are alone (the truth does not mean that, but getting beyond that fear is a really hard step to take).

yes i am quite familiar with those kinds of mismatches … i have studied them well. 

i am obviously talking about actual matches that happen all the time.  sure, the stories we tell ourselves and each other are as free as the very private thoughts that we have.  they will seldom match up sans  a good will to do so,  and the detailed work necessary to convergence separate minds.  

especially the deep sum ones … those take lots of good will and lots of detailed work.

but the surface ones are still vast.    ask how all those people got to the same place of the  #LoveBurn during the same time frame. 

There would be no Internet … there would be no crops … no institutions … no civilization.  There would be no music and drama without humans matching things up and building our culture upon that cooperation.  We would at best be a scattered bunch of alley cats foraging and fighting over scraps of meat.  

Humanity does not build upon just the pride of #Lucifer alone.

Well I agree with all of that. I am only saying that those matches are very small droplets in the individual experiences of each separate person. People naturally think the matches are more than what is not, but the reality is the matches are very sparse and hard won syncing up of individual realities … and then, upon just those precious few, co-created civilization is built. Actually, our current civilization is built mostly on habit of behavior … but that is changing.

I also agree that humanity does not build on the pride of Lucifer alone. Humanity is the dance of all the forces and principles and the best humanity is the harmony of that dance … and inside that dance Pride is crucial, for without it, the authentic generation of new ideas is but a shadow of what it becomes when it is fueled by Luceferic pride in it’s rightful harmony. Behind every truly great stroke of the creative pen in human history is, among other things, the guiding hand of Lucifer. The human story would be a documentary, as boring as the story of the evolution of ants, without Lucifer’s involvement.

Truly your title “Lucifer Takes Over” is a joke. I know you don’t really see it that way, you are simply rebelling against my passionate and incessant pounding on the outside of your box. And the joke is that in your rebelling, you are summoning and utilizing the very pride of Lucifer that you are rebelling against.  

I would not call this “Lucifer Takes Over” thought a joke,  i would call it #CreativeNonfiction null

Obviously it was in response to your “passionat and incessant pounding on the outside of my box”.   You could interpert it as a parent to child transaction in response to your parent child transactions to me.  But then, of course, you would miss hearing the different beliefs that i hold that you do not.  It was those beliefs, (believe them yourself or not), which i was intending to communicate to you.

re Lucifer Takes over (comment 72062) … well said indeed null

Of course we disagree re the real matches … i still see them as vast … you see them as “very small droplets”.   I have an explanation for that discrepancy.   The pride of Lucifer in me is dim,  so that those matches are easily noticed against that dim background … whereas in you that pride shines so bright that they are hardly noticeable at all.  

If you think about it, together we are a good set of compliments to tackle the world null

#LOL … well you are still not taking responsibility for your own reality experience. It’s all you out there dear uncle. See Worth its weight in GOLD for yet another evolved beings perspective about it.  

That you are unwilling to take responsibility for your own reality experience is about as much pride as one could imagine. The ultimate humbling experience IS realizing that one is responsible for EVERYTHING and then taking full responsibility for it. Nothing is more humbling. Until one does that, one is hiding behind the veil of otherness as a prideful child hides behind a lie.