it is a matter of how the inside is relative to the outside …

for example, the top of the T is no different than the stem of the T … yet they are different in how they are relative to each other.

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Duality is a connection between two things where the properties of one defines the properties of the other.

Duality in the Context of Projective Geometry



New article published today

Quantum Questions Inspire New Math

In order to fully understand the quantum world, we may have to develop a new realm of mathematics.

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I was listening to an #abetube yesterday where Abraham talked about duality a bit. Basically just enough to say that #duality is a valid representation of the reality experience. But also to say that they (Abraham) do not generally speak about duality because for humans the subject is way to easy to get off on wild goose chases with. i.e. if one want’s to #do things, then leave the idea of duality out of their thinking.