Inquiry: The nature of an individual to a group.

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groups are bad, since they bring out conformity, social loafing, and the mob mentality; and that groups are good, encouraging cooperation, division of labor, and the wisdom of crowds. To Baumeister and his colleagues, it’s the role of the self that drives groups in either direction, for good or for ill. The group suffers when when the self is subsumed into it, and responsibility — for morality or performance — gets diffused. But if the self retains its individuality, then all sorts of benefits follow.

why people have selves -- science of us

Our #ethos should seek a practical relationship between our individual selves, and the groups with which we identify.    The nature of that relationship is the subject of this inquiry.

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← pasting the url here will yield a broken image.

However i drug that image show in my browser to the RTE box and it worked to yield the image in the thought above.

yep i realized that … which is why i put  upload in quotes.  also note that the “upload” protocol shows “Upload an Image” on the top of the “upload image” box. 

#btw there is another #NotWorking re this “upload” box … if  you put in a “image url” and click ok,  then later want to upload from your hard drive,  #SeriTD takes the URL instead of the upload.  I haven’t found a way to wipe out the URL unless i completely get a new browser instance.

i seem to remember trying that and it not working at least in FF,  but may not have clicked cancel after i clicked the file uplod,  will try again.  strangely enough this happens a whole lot, especially when using widgets.

#woopse … i think i reported it wrong.  The upload sticks and overrides the URL … not the other way around … and clicking the upload file and then canceling the browse and canceling the whole “upload box” will NOT clear it in FF.

hmmm  i have found that composing two windows between which on can drag and drop is much more work than simply copying the image url into the clipboard and using the upload dialogue.

probelm with using Chrome for images is that you cannot size them without going into properties.

anway this dialoge is going to be hidden … it is not about the topic … its value was to dev so that they would know about the experiences i was having with the system.

woopse … i guess it did get deleted … i swear i just hid the hole thread.  oh well ill find it again … no biggie

okay it was the image in this thought … ← would have been the image URL i intended to past into the “upload” protocol.

i did not drag from the page, i delved to the image itself and dragged from there.

the image got recorded in the thought HTML as

← hmm works now null

but does not end up being the same URL ← the one under the image now

is not the same URL as ← the one i intended to paste


it is quite possible that i was not sure what was in my clipboard … maybe not even an image … #shithappens 

see revised comment above, Inquiry: The nature of an individual to a group. (comment 71545)

its probably not important but look at the end of the two URL’s that i pointed out in  Inquiry: The nature of an individual to a group. (comment 71545) above.  

“925d.png” is not = “603.png”.  null

sure it does, this thought is not about that situation which is no longer important.   delete them just as you wish null

No, it does not make sense to hide them. Why did you say “sure it does” and then say to delete them? Hiding stuff only makes sense for offensive content. Valueable content that doesn’t apply should be moved … and otherwise, should be deleted. Hiding makes no sense at all!!!!!!! Its like breeding cockroaches!

well there are lots of different ways to skin a cat … won’t always happen the way the knife designer thought it might.   i didn’t want that other stuff to clutter this thought.  so i hid it.  that still allowed it to be use by you if you wanted to keep it or move it elsewhere.  Your notion that “hiding only makes sense for offensive content” is just your subjective notion … and not the way this user is using that feature.  

The correct procedure is to ask me to delete my TLC’s. Then I will know to do that … and will almost always agree that it should be done and happily do it. Hiding just covers up the problem and I will never know that they need deleting … they will just fester underneath this thought, forever clouding it, perhaps turning up in the future when I am not available to delete them … returning comments dug up by someone to haunt and annoy you.

Well  as soon as people start not being offended by somebody hiding comments on a thought, then that feature becomes much more useful and actually very efficient for curation and focus.  

the procedure you are proposing above is very tedious.  It is not necessary to be so lengthy.  hiding already says that the the comments  are #ot where they are.  that is the request to move, use, or delete … nothing else is necessary.

… er null, except pehaps  to pander to a desire of someone to be offended and go into a tizzy.

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in fact it might be a good idea to change the description of the tool to read something more like ...

hide off topic

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