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This argument, which Baumeister advanced in in a 2016 Behavioral and Brain Sciences paper co-authored with Sarah E. Ainsworth of the University of North Florida and Kathleen D. Vohs at the University of Minnesota, represents a new direction for social psychology, combining two ongoing lines of research on group dynamics: that groups are bad, since they bring out conformity, social loafing, and the mob mentality; and that groups are good, encouraging cooperation, division of labor, and the wisdom of crowds. To Baumeister and his colleagues, it’s the role of the self that drives groups in either direction, for good or for ill. The group suffers when when the self is subsumed into it, and responsibility — for morality or performance — gets diffused. But if the self retains its individuality, then all sorts of benefits follow.

why people have selves -- science of us

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These researches have “researched” knowledge a couple of steps closer to #LOA … can you see that? Can you notice the changes in thinking and how they move in the direction of #LOA?

But, they are not all the way there yet. Eventually, human “research” will crest the hill and discover that #LOA (the essence of God) was there all along.  

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A thing happening just when you want  is the magic
of nature herself …
or of “God” …
or more particularly #Christ in our humanity  …
or of #Loa …
or whatever you want to call it. 

And yes it does require #faith !

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