Very simply, my friend, the more that you accept responsibility for, the more power you have. 

Doesn’t that rock? 

    The Universe


You, yes that is you my friend that I am talking to, you might notice your name being referred to. Does that mean this post is just for you my friend? And no one else?

Absolutely not! The [author] live reference speaks only to YOU my friend! Whomever you are. 

… apperently mark and seth are not reading this … even though they should be by mandatory decree.


okay i see how you said it … i remember reading that and absorbing what you said about #responsibility .

The subtly of the new feature escaped me, @my friend … might have somthing to do with the message itself not having been introduced independent of your agenda re subjective #responsibility.

Well in my reality, subjective responsibility as you call it, is part of everything and I do not artificially separate such things. This is how I write, and it is not the first time by any means. I could give you examples of this style of writing by me for years back … long before FBI.  

i have not problems at all with how you talk here … your style … or substance.

But your complaining about us not noticing the introduction of the new author feature seems to be you not taking responsibility for the reality that you are creating #outside of your subjective #insides