Deeds collapse Possibilities into Manifestations - comment 71335

Seth says ...
use whatever words work in you mind, mark … this is not an argument about words. 

we are attempting to uncover the natural #edge between #thoughts and #manifestations … what is their dynamic relationsip?  what do each of them do?  what are they in and of themselves?  how does one change and become the other? … or do they ever do that?
Just in case you missed my comment:
XOR truth & words & meanings are mungeables … null in this era or this blog.null
The endeavor sounds good but will only become about something as long as the words are the cards in a 3-card monte game of opinion & beliefs.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.


Interesting corrollary from the Yi

P.1578 #10,3 63-1-3-21-15-25-K(Mon

This hex is peculiarly apt not only with respect to the tale it tells about itself but also as an essay on the meaning of meaning - mirror of mirrors, wheels within wheels &c. But penetrating reflection pushed too far can cripple power of decision. When a matter has been thoroughly pondered, it is best to form a decision & act.  Too much deliberation brings fresh doubts & scruples; power should not ask why for reason seldom is true motivation! With Beethoven’s 9th & Ravel’s Bolero in the background how more ket can you get! 

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