Deeds collapse Possibilities into Manifestations

Seth says ...

The source of the endless #tangle is the nature of thought itself .
There are infinite infinities of possibilities 
… we can think each one. 


I think #LOA prescribes thinking possibilities we want manifested, and avoiding the ones we do not.  But #thinking  a #possibility does nothing in and of itself,  except to connect our attention to other possibilities … some already manifested … some not manifested … and some impossible to manifest … that is a #tangle. 

To get out of that loop … to get out of that tangle … we must do something.   Those #deed’s collapse #possibilities into  #manifestations … hopefully in the direction we want … and it is the direction we want,  if those were the practical possibilities we were thinking.

#RingsTrue in sum null


There is possibility & then there is imagination. For example there is the imagination that you can jam your own elbow (right or left) up your own rectum while it is still part of your arm which is still in place as designed. Those who believe that all things are possible should try such a feat & maybe demonstrate it in a circus.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a robot - M.R.

this is true.   i covered that here with, “possibilities … some already manifested … some not manifested … and some impossible to manifest”.   that assumes everything is a possibility as long as we are free of all #boxes … of all assumptions.  So in that manner of speaking everyhing is a possibility … the ones that get manifested are not just imaginations.

You are just using the discriminator manifest in a circular fashion to prove possibility for anything.  But possible means “able” xor
possible (adj.) Look up possible at
mid-14c., from Old French possible and directly from Latin possibilis "that can be done," from posse "be able" (see potent).
When you extend able or possible to anything & everything you have gone wild with just your imagination.

yep, mabye “possibilities” is not the right word.  can you think of a better one in this exact context? 

Bear in mind that we are attempting to communicate with someone who has said that everything is possible, even fiction, even things like putting your elbow in your ear.  perhaps a better term would be “anything which anyone can think”. 

I’ve already said that the word word imagination covers that area – the astral world or the world of dreams; no logic or rationality tethers the #fantasy-naut .

use whatever words work in you mind, mark … this is not an argument about words. 

we are attempting to uncover the natural #edge between #thoughts and #manifestations … what is their dynamic relationsip?  what do each of them do?  what are they in and of themselves?  how does one change and become the other? … or do they ever do that?

XOR truth & words & meanings are mungeabled … null in this era

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