Simple math problem from a dream ...

My #subconscious mind made up this problem and presented it to me to solve in a dream.  Great dream otherwise #btw.  I do not remember the exact numbers, so i just threw some up there ← ok ok my subconscious mind made up the numbers now when i am awake.   The two #TeeterTotter were #orthogonal in the dream and their #fulcrum’s were identical.  Its hard to draw that so i just approximated it by a dotted line.  In the dream it was quite clear, but sorry i cannot draw it now. 

Can you solve for the “?”  ...

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Are You talking about two or one with the 2 boards connected at the center like a cross ? Is the connection fixed or variable? Otherwise it is like a lot of dreams where on this side come out as “the secret of the Universe is sauerkraut!” 
It’s a similar problem to sensing where your tantien is – the center of mass of your body. Not a biggie.

Well those details were assumed in the dream … all i can tell you now is that  …

The two #TeeterTotter’s were #orthogonal and their #fulcrum’s were identical.

When i woke up initially i thought it was from a diagram that i had browsed to online … and i even had the impulse to go google for it.   Then slowly i realized that i had made it up in the dream.

Nevertheless, me i believe that i can solve for “?” …
Do you believe that you can also? … and/or …
Do you believe that i cannot?

#btw i do not think this is “the secret of the universe” … just a fun problem to solve.

XOR via Wolfram:,+%22center+of+gravity%22%7D+-%3E+%7B%22MathWorld%22%7D

XOR shortened

might solve, but that seems to solve a problem of 2 independent variables …
this is 5 independent variables solving for 1 dependent variable. 

there was nothing in the dream about gravity or even whether one side of the #TeeterTotter’s were up and the other side down … that was irrelevant to the problem in the dream.

Yeah, nothing captures my excitement here – me(I) am #done

now that i see this image on my desktop as i move it to trash, i think my #subconscious used it too.

you may not be able to see it there, but the pictur image’s name was #duality