Fascinating piece on Internet

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i haven’t heard of those  #RationalAgents being actually deployed …
although they have been discussed for years … see my Ai Jump list below.
Do you know of a website where i can aquire my own?
Are you aware of how much of this story is #factual and how much is #fictional?


Ai Jumplist circa ‘99

← is still a viable URL   (except “Note: This is an archival page documenting numerous projects that may well not be in existence any more. The links on this page were correct at the time of composition, but may have rotted.”) … and guess what … they have. 

as is http://www-ksl.stanford.edu/knowledge-sharing/agents.html

#thanks → mark, #goodstuff … could you move it into group ai ?

I need to re listen & follow some of the other things in the G+ post before ascertaining what it is. Some of it sounded like leftist politics. The last part with the crowd relaying the words was priceless.

well i didn’t get any “leftist politics” at all, but then i wasn’t anticipating any either … except perhaps the first scene, which as far as i could tell was irrelivant to the rest of the story.  i didn’t listen to the end,  … so is still  a #ToWatch for me. 

it does get into the larger context of thinkin.live … and that is my primary interest in the opus.

The big question for me is did these #RationalAgents get developed and deployed … which ones … how succesful are they .. who is making them … who is using them … or was that just a #fiction that did not happen the way it was thought up.

Yes, those are some of the questions I wanted to explore before megaphoning it in. You are welcome to put your own discoveries in group ai as well.