RFC: Planning sub domain growth for thinking.live

Seth says ...
okay that works …

where sub dashes are groups

www – public forum, tweeting, and public viral, and best of, etc.
        – form
         – politics
         – doc, about, faq, customer suppor, education
dev – technical aspects and design
       – forum
       – #SeriTD
       – data
       – scripts
       – identity & protection laws
economic –
    – forum
    – sales
    – niche
    – business
    – employment and collaboration

We need to be careful not to spread out too much too fast, yet provide for a path for growth and differentiation.   Perhaps if each of the three main sub domains starts out with a star forum which anyone who joins that subomain can post then that forum can differentiate into separate groups as needed.

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So you are shit canning thinking.domains?

Yes, the one big problem with using different domains for things instead of groups in the same domain is that right now (and probably for a while) each domain has it’s own separate login and user account to set up. Someday all (or as desired) thinking domains could share user accounts across the board like Google does it … but I doubt I will be working on that project, user managment is not where my development excitement is … so the fewer separate domains you have for everyday stuff the easier it will be.

One nice fallout of all this recent change is that now all the code is in a git repo … which makes it a TON easier to have more developers. Git repos can have different developers with different privileges and access to the code and code merges and reviews become easy to do … Bitbucket even manages the code review process. Don’t know if you know what code review is, but it is a standard part of modern day development and necessary for code quality when multiple people work on the same code.

yeah i get that too.   that is why i was suggesting using groups within www. 

then www.thinking.live/form which would be under the star coud be as you suggested public forum, tweeting, and public viral, and best of, etc.

and what has been quite functional group fbi would become www.thinking.live/dev

etc ...

yes i am seriously considering “shit canning thinking.domains”.  

There is a #branding tension in having two separate names for the same organism.  

thinking.live is so much more #catchy and it will be functional. 

one thing to note is that thinking.live is a verb … thinking.domains is a noun.   i like that even for the branding. 

#rfc nathan

I currently have no desire to move dev. It works well at FBI and any fallout only affects 3 people … and it allows me to keep tabs on Mark’s progress and mirror him where needed too.

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Okay. My only real problem with thinking.domains is the ‘s on the end. I don’t have any specific interest in it.

But one thing to consider is that you are planning to give out subdomains of thinking.live and that will someday become a name war (just like .com became) … so having some other name that is not in the war zone could be a good idea … maybe thinkingdomains.org? … or one of the other good new ones?

i do not see the problem.   We, the organism of the whole own the thinking.live domain (aka www.thinkng.live ).  Nobody will be usurping that.  

On the other hand we can point just as many aliases to that as we wish, eg thinkingLive.org etc

The sub domain names will grow just as they do.  We really have no control of that, nor do we want to have control of that.  First come, first serve … the way domain names have always been.