Are you inside me ... am I inside you ...

Miami says ...
I don’t run away because my box includes your box, [other people’s boxes] too. It’s bigger like that. It is not an inside authority, it is an outside authority … and one you can obtain access to yourself simply by allowing your box to grow instead of making a left turn each time you are presented with an assention possibility, by anyone, not just me.

As long as you believe that assention paths are not for you (innitiate paths, whatever, all the same). Then you will continue to left turn and experience my ideas as authoritative instead of know them by experience.



#ToBeContinued ...
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#SSDD – not arguing with you even if you move your argument you have no Ethos on the subject for me.

not arguing with you mark, the is me moving this thought over here to elaborate this thing that me and nathan were talking about.  perhaps it would be less confusing if you just ignored this part.

nathan → ε±ηœΌ

what are you saying here mark ?

Huh? Not a language I know how to read, thanks.

But I do find it quite interesting that you think the above is argument with you. Already always?

If you are not arguing with me leave my name the fuck out of your gossiping quote. 

gentelmen, both of you, this thought is not about whatever you were or are saying to each other.  please do take it elsewhere.  it will remain hidden here.

It is quite okay to talk about you mark. As I said elsewhere today.

p.s. Talking about people is not a bad thing irrespective of the fact that GW and others in your growing phase taught you to believe that it is. Talking about people is an important part of the process of both understanding, and influencing, in an authentic and not-hidden manner. People in GW’s time were accustomed to hiding their inner workings, and respecting the hidden inner workings of others, and that is why they shunned talking about others. Nowdays we value authenticity over hiding things, and so talking about people has a useful value. It is one of the things Seth actually groked when he talked about the value of Donald Trump’s tweeting … even though Seth thought the value was something else. ← yes, I talk about Seth … it’s authentic.  

Perpetuate gossip ad infinitum dear bro. null
The other day on some blog I read that you, seth & you nathan like to eat shit sandwiches & I actually defended you (now regretting it though) saying that that can’t be true because you folks don’t like the bread. null

mark, i wanted to discuss something that is quite sum with nathan here.  it had nothing to do with whatever this thingey you two are doing … at least not directly.  having your discussion here will just confuse what i wanted to say to nathan and hear his response.  What you are saying to @nathan and what he is saying to mark in what context in which you are talking might be like totally enthralling to either of you.  But it is a dastardly distraction to me here. 

Please gentelmen … do that this elsewhere.  Or maybe even clone the thought whever and have at it.  But not here … please … i respectively beg of you nullnullnull

How about, in your truthiness & sincerity delete my name from the discussion quote & I will leave you to stew in your own #PilesOfWords null nathan even had to argue that gossiping about others is allowed in his universe. Ugggg! 

fair enough, mark … you were a irrelivant variable here anyway.  

#done → seth

Can’t resist the title – seems like a he-she said thingy or the title or a porn movie! nullthumbs up

well yeah it is funny null … stay right on that edge … because that is what this is about null

wow lots of choices for a illustration … none of them are exactly what i want.

many more here.  thing is everybody seems to depict duality between a person and their outside.  i want to depict it between two different people.


for my own contemplation.

and shucks alway fun to find a woman who thinks about #duality


Not everything people say about you mark is gossip. Some things are just a point of view and said in legitimate conversation (like the above was). Gossip is generally not in your earshot … the above was specifically directed at you to avoid the extra step of typing the whole thing out explicitly to you.

Learn to get over yourself eh? We already have.  

#shucks i thought your comment was about me nullnull

Everything you think about others is #YourBusiness – otherwise it is gossip when you spread it beyond yourself unless it is about you.  You are not inside others minds despite your pretention nathan. Presumably you are inside your own despite your beliefs . Look around in there some day & see how much is belief – mostly of foreign origin. I have as far back as I can remember known where a belief of mind came from. 
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don’t be a robot - M.R.

nathan seems to claim that you are inside his mind … not the other way around like mark seems to have stated it above nulllaugh … just saying.

claims & realities are different animals .null

i can kind of remember when some of my beliefs entered my mind,  except perhaps some of the very basic ones … i was mostly too young to remember those.   

most of my beliefs i got from others,  i curate and mix those and make up new ones just according to the possibilities of which i become aware.  i test beliefs with others and the natural world.  some gain traction, some do not. 

null strangely the deepest beliefs … the deepest gestalts … end up being the most difficult to express … and when i do express them, other people usually respond with a blank face if at all … tag #DeepDoesNotShare 

”otherwise it is gossip when you spread it beyond yourself”

That is simply pretentious and paranoid bullshit mark. Yes, that’s how self-secret people, like my Dad, and others who formed their belief systems from the pre 1960 era thought about things … but it is not authentic and not how I am interested in living and not how those I associate with are interested in living. Authentic sharing and saying what comes to you NOW, knowing that is what you and everyone else needs, is much more fun, useful, and satisfying.

Re Are you inside me ... am I inside you ... (comment 71323)

No, I claim that I have created the entire you that I interact with. The whole thing. Not that you are inside me.

well, yes, okay, nathan.  that β¬†οΈŽ  is what you appear to do … i can confirm that … and yes that thing that you have created is inside you. 
Tension is, that is not me.  That is just an image of me that you have created. 

Me, i would prefer if you would interact with me instead null null

Are you inside me ... am I inside you ... (comment 71329) ← Resorting to low level language becomes you (2 meanings). Your creation has nothing to do with me (i.e. #YourBusiness) except your #FantasyNaut expressions – sail on! #truth left the building but your fingers kept on typing your gossip
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a robot - M.R.

”Me, i would prefer if you would interact with me instead” … if the version of me you are creating is not up to speed with what you want, that is your responsibility. Take responsibility for it instead of being all wishy washy about it. Whatever you take responsibility for you will create true … and both of us will be happier when you are creating me true instead of randomly.

Conversation forked to thought 22875

Good idea! null take responsibility for what comes out of your mouth & your fingers; don’t blame it on others’ interpretations not meeting yours.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

When you begin to claim that other people are in your mind & you are in them maybe you are having a #GregoryMoment- STOP & check it out. Same goes for magic happenings & your personal being at cause in such matters.

yeah this conception that people have that others are being inside their mind is true, and is false. 

In that  lies the mystery of this #natural  #dulity  #edge on which we humans are crawling. 

I think the folks who penned “The Secret” and others before them are pandering to the dark side of that #duality … and now millions of “new aged thinkers” are buying into it hook line and sinker.

It will be interesting to watch- how this pans out.

it is a matter of how the inside is relative to the outside …

for example, the top of the T is no different than the stem of the T … yet they are different in how they are relative to each other.

seeAlso #duality

Duality is a connection between two things where the properties of one defines the properties of the other.

Duality in the Context of Projective Geometry


this thought was thunk in relationship to a “facinating thought” which happened between me and mark, perhaps  in thought 22904,  which is now private to mark … it is only #inside his mind.

you said it was private I just made it so reflect.null

fact: you made it private.  now the “facination of that thought” is exclusive #inside you – i have no access to it.  except my contribution to that thought which i expressed here in this context.   that is now the situation in our my #inside subjective world about thought 22904.

Delete your last #birdie & I may agree. null