you can choose assumptions,
or make them up,
and believe them on Faith,
and think and feel and  act accordingly
and they will become the reality of your experience.

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Yes it does work for me. My only point is that you don’t actually do that. When push comes to shove, you use several different tactics of justification to make a left turn instead. And I am not just talking about any of the variety of avenues of expansion I offer. I notice that you do this for all avenues, no matter where they come from. You talk about doing the above, and you even enjoy the thought that you do it in your own mind. But when it comes to actually doing it, there is always some little reason not to do it right now, today, this moment. What you actually always do is stay safely in your box in action … thinking and talking about these other things outside your box, and even believing that your acceptance of what’s out there is you being out there … but it is not. This is the one area where action does count, and action wise, yours is another left turn.  

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well it is true that i don’t always do that.  nor will i choose to always do that.  ← intentionally

your reckoning of when i do,  and when i do not,  is 100% just relative to yourself.

Maybe, maybe not. What I am saying is you can actually know that with the states of being “out there”, beyond the circumstantial “only what you share with others” box. Out there, there is the ability to know such things. The ability to sense the vibrational state of others instead of only relating to them in the arena of experiential circumstances.

Inside the box … yes, you can’t know that. And take it to heart or not, that is exactly the path being offered by the Antichrist … the path where knowledge stays in the realm of what one can circumstantially share with others. And that will be a grand realm, don’t get me wrong. It is a valid choice of where to go next.  

XOR it is a maybe-maybe not situation.  The nibblet of choice being a mungeable. Study the selfie & see how you built it up so that you think you have choice & independence.  Find that which you can say “I” to without reservation which has true will etc.

well your naming that “Antichrist” is to misname it.  That spirit is not anti Christ.  At least not the Christ spirit that i know.   And calling it the AntiChrist is to tune into another #oogie story that strikes fear in the #masses … it not my story.

Your characterization of “states of being out there” … is not mine.  There  you talk about private matters deep in my #inside  … or deep inside yourself … things that we cannot share … things for which there are no words to express.  Your apparent assumption that my private life is not just as splendid and free as your own is just another  assumption that you apparently have made up for your own adgenda.   We will share in that life  just as very well as we can express it to each other is whatever spiritual or sensual channel that we can open between us.   Right now that seem only to be language and media and what we can actually do together.

Yes mark. I have directly studied the selfie … understand it’s importance in current evolution … and effectively use it myself too. So do you to the degree you don’t do U Turns … you simply use a different kind of selfie but it is a selfie all the same. I have pointed it out as such where you have used it.

When you talk about others you LIE to build your own selfie!  Nice going!null

I don’t believe that … but it does appear to represent how you do things. So I see why you believe it.

p.s. Talking about people is not a bad thing irrespective of the fact that GW and others in your growing phase taught you to believe that it is. Talking about people is an important part of the process of both understanding, and influencing, in an authentic and not-hidden manner. People in GW’s time were accustomed to hiding their inner workings, and respecting the hidden inner workings of others, and that is why they shunned talking about others. Nowdays we value authenticity over hiding things, and so talking about people has a useful value. It is one of the things seth actually groked when he talked about the value of Donald Trump’s tweeting … even though seth thought the value was something else. ← yes, I talk about seth … it’s authentic.  

#btw that is not a direct quote from #WilliamJames … but it builds on the idea form his book combining that with nathan’s variation on #LOA.

then too i had to take out some words for the tweet.  not many. 

if your thought is worth thinking, then you can completely express it in a tweet.  

#btw i did not completely read the book.  i picked up the #meme from discussions in comp.ai.philosophy at end of the 20th century nullnull … #wow i just scanned that discussion … shades of past thinking … might make interesting reading when i get a little older null

beliefs are funny things – they seem so real to the selfie you build with them!
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a robot - M.R.

sure talking about people … even making up stuff about them and telling that to them … has its place and can be a useful tool for growth … for both the talker and the listener.

it really depends on how it is done.   if it is negative and you use in in the sense of the #WillToBelieve you will most likely be telling #lies to the other and probably even to yourself.  To understand that we would need to get into #DialogueMeaning … or the “you said that to say what” part of a conversation. 

eg: whenever sombody critizizes something that i say or do, perhaps something deep #insides me, as if it should ring true even to myself … something to which i know they cannot see, i know they are telling a lie to themselves, and a lie to me.  And that holds whether the observation is objective from themselves or not.

The only problem with that seth is your assumption that “deep insides is something that another cannot see”. I get that you do not have sensory ability for that. It is what I call staying in your box. You have drawn the boarders of your box at a place where you cannot know such things and thus stubbornly assert that no one can.

Some others have crossed those box boarders and to widely varying degrees have more or less sensory ability to know, even your, deep insides. I am making no claims here about myself. I simply act authentically and leave it at that. But I do kow for sure that it is entirely possible to know another’s “deep insides” to any degree as one ventures further out into higher vibrational states of being.

oh sure, you can know your view of another’s “deep insides” just as very much as they have opened a spiritual channel to you and have expressed something of it to you on that channel.   i said that already differently in the thought from with this thought was forked.

Note it is only “your view” and almost assuredly not “their view” of the same spirit.  Spirits are pecularlary relative.  Otherwise you run afoul of the #duality.   Thinking that you can run afoul of the #duality is just some pipe dream that some #Guru or #shamen has sold you.  And yes i expect you found a #qualia for it, a very convincing experience indeed,  which must feel awfully good.   Me, i do not buy it. 

You are still missing substance that is in front of you by making a left turn. I can only keep saying this. Only you can go straight instead turning, even once or a few times. Until then, you will continue to think left turning is the only option available. I can talk about what is out there when you don’t make a left turn … but to you it will only be talk, until you go there even once.

well sure resort to your inside authority … you said that before … you say it again now, to say what to me?  

why not just run away, like mark does.

#WillToBelieve (comment 71091) ← this applies to seth’s remark & NOW applies to nathan’s as well with the #AlreadyAlways #TuQuoque grammar schoolyard #Bullshit stinking up the field.

I don’t run away because my box includes your box, Mark’s box too. It’s bigger like that. It is not an inside authority, it is an outside authority … and one you can obtain access to yourself simply by allowing your box to grow instead of making a left turn each time you are presented with an assention possibility, by anyone, not just me.

As long as you believe that assention paths are not for you (innitiate paths, whatever, all the same). Then you will continue to left turn and experience my ideas as authoritative instead of know them by experience.

Yep mark. That is exactly why I don’t argue with you. I simply mirror you. Everything you obtain from me is your own reflected.

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