RFD: The base domain from which we proliferate

I like the wordpress.com model of how a  customer towards their own domain.  First a customer  can try their new website out as a  subdomain of wordpress.com.  For example the RentonFoodCoop was RentonFoodCoop.wordpress.com.  

Wordpress.com has also implemented trans domain identity for people.

I would like to make the following decisions now …
  1. That we also implement the customer groth path used by wordpress.com
  2. That we choose the shortest possible #catchy name for the main domain … possibilities are ...
    • athink.club –  but:  i would love to find something shorter
    • thinking.domains – but: the main domain is not general discussion but just particularly about the product and philosophy of #SeriTD and sales and reachout
    • ...
  3. The main domain is also a TD – people can register there, get their own group totally free, prior to acqiring a subdomain for their own niche.
For example i would sign up as seth in think.club and so then my journal would be think.club/seth … then when i want my own subdomain my group would become seth.think.club … then when i want my own domain i might start to look more like fastblogit.net.  

So what is the shortest, #catchy main domain that we can choose?
#RFD #RFC #DomainNames #WordpressCom


I never liked athink.club at all … that was your impulse.

I thought we were going to use thinking.domains for this. Then I could have my dartagnan.thinking.domains … or dartagnan.thinkingdomains.org

That’s what I would like.

athinkclub sounds like toastmasters to me … a stuffy gentlemen’s club with old men in suits smoking pipes and drinking tea. Since you own it, I guess you could offer the choice of any of the 3 to people, then people can choose who they think they are.

okay let’s find something better than athink.club.

i have a distinct conception of what i want thinking.domains to become … and what it is not is a domain for general diverse thinking.  i want it to be a domain for thinking specifically about thinking.domains and #SeriTD … nothing more.   also thinking.domains is not short enough.

i wonder if think.world is available … or maybe td.world …



Okay, whatever. I think you should let people choose instead of being so hard line about it.

The only thing wrong with thinking.domains is the (s) at the end of the name. It is not too long.

More choices would be nice, yes.  

i am not restricting which domain people open at all … or even that we have more than one wordpress.com type site that peope can choose to throw themselves into. 

people can even go direct to their own base domain.

But fact is that registering a domain and attatching it to a instance of a TD requires many steps and it difficult to automate.   registering a group in a already existing domain is easy … one click actually when we get the Facebook join working again.   registering a subdomain of an already existing master domain is almost as easy.   Isn’t that  in the proliferation directory already?

#SethToDo – I’ll go look for some more possibilities … perhaps even at google google domains or #GodaddyCom.    Any suggestions greatly appreciated ...

I don’t understand. None of these are difficult.

I would want dartagnan.thinkingdomains.org  … that would be my preference right now. If you get td.word, then that may become my preference.

The rest of what you say doesn’t seem to be any issue at all. Whatever name issues you are having is not what I would have and not what I would expect for others.

I tried talkplace.com & got talkhub.com .  I ran into thinkhub.com as available. I agree (surprisingly) w/dA on anything with the word club in it but not for his reason. It just doesn’t sound like much. The word hub works nicely – dig pornhub.com or something

wow … didnt know they had “.hub” … personally i like “.world” … or even “.net” … thing is that these newer top level domains we are more likely to get a short #catchy name … talk.hub would be  great … is it available?

Careful which service you use to check if it is available. Some services just use your checking to know what to snag up and later try and sell back to you. I know, shady, but there you go.

Pretty sure Google and Godaddy are fairly honest.

you know i always was afeard of that myself … but never have gotten confirmation. 

what do you think of using google google domains ?  … i would think that they might make assigning domains to services in the cloud even easier than a foreign registra … eh?

kind of $pricey bit me tinks is #catchy … eh?

Yes. I have used Google domains and rather like their easy interface. Probably also instantly do the ownership check too … though I have not tested that. And, their prices seem more stable. Everyone has super cheap grab prices, then they really jack up the price next year. Google is more straight forward with all their pricing models across all their products.

#OMG are these really all the new extensions ? …
  • ccountants
  • actor
  • agency
  • apartments
  • associates
  • bargains
  • bike
  • biz
  • boutique
  • builders
  • cab
  • cafe
  • camera
  • camp
  • capital
  • cards
  • care
  • careers
  • cash
  • catering
  • cc
  • center
  • chat
  • cheap
  • church
  • city
  • claims
  • cleaning
  • clinic
  • clothing
  • club
  • co
  • co.in
  • co.nz
  • co.uk
  • coach
  • codes
  • coffee
  • community
  • company
  • computer
  • condos
  • construction
  • consulting
  • contractors
  • cool
  • coupons
  • credit
  • cruises
  • dance
  • dating
  • deals
  • delivery
  • democrat
  • dental
  • design
  • diamonds
  • digital
  • direct
  • directory
  • discount
  • dog
  • domains
  • education
  • email
  • energy
  • engineering
  • enterprises
  • equipment
  • estate
  • events
  • exchange
  • expert
  • exposed
  • express
  • family
  • farm
  • finance
  • financial
  • fish
  • fitness
  • flights
  • florist
  • football
  • foundation
  • fund
  • furniture
  • futbol
  • fyi
  • gallery
  • gifts
  • glass
  • gold
  • golf
  • graphics
  • gratis
  • gripe
  • guide
  • guru
  • haus
  • healthcare
  • hockey
  • holdings
  • holiday
  • house
  • how
  • immo
  • immobilien
  • in
  • industries
  • institute
  • insure
  • international
  • investments
  • io
  • jewelry
  • kaufen
  • kitchen
  • land
  • lease
  • legal
  • life
  • live
  • lighting
  • limited
  • limo
  • maison
  • management
  • market
  • marketing
  • mba
  • me
  • media
  • memorial
  • moda
  • money
  • movie
  • net
  • network
  • news
  • ninja
  • online
  • org
  • partners
  • parts
  • photography
  • photos
  • pictures
  • pizza
  • place
  • plumbing
  • plus
  • productions
  • properties
  • pub
  • pw
  • recipes
  • reisen
  • rentals
  • repair
  • report
  • republican
  • restaurant
  • reviews
  • rocks
  • run
  • sarl
  • school
  • schule
  • shoes
  • show
  • singles
  • site
  • soccer
  • software
  • solar
  • solutions
  • soy
  • store
  • studio
  • style
  • supplies
  • supply
  • support
  • surgery
  • systems
  • taxi
  • team
  • tech
  • technology
  • tennis
  • theater
  • tienda
  • tips
  • tires
  • today
  • tools
  • tours
  • town
  • toys
  • training
  • university
  • us
  • vacations
  • ventures
  • viajes
  • villas
  • vin
  • vision
  • voyage
  • watch
  • wine
  • works
  • world
  • zone


As you know, I don’t use a down thumb. But sometimes … 



thining.world works the best, but my next would be thinking.gold and thinking.site

thinking.world is not available null

how about …

Not bad, still like thinking.gold and thinking.site.

i dont like thinking.gold null

thinking.site is too expensive

also a bit $pricey is …

i like that one too … it is short !!

thinking.live is not too bad. But keep looking.

is cheap null

Okay. Works for me. 

p.s. Notice that image is the same url as the same one over in  (comment 71152) even though I dragged it fresh from Google images. This is due to the effect mentioned in Image snay enacted.

#done → seth

I added nathan as user.

now i’m thinking that instead of using thinking.domains for the sales and design and technical aspects of #SeriTD … we would use www.thinking.live … huh?

Well that is not what I would have thought. I would have thought you would use www.thinking.live for the public forum, tweeting, and public viral, and best of, etc. All the public cross domain traffic.

I would have used thinking.domains for sales, R & D, all in house stuff for thinking domains, etc. … or, if you don’t want to keep thinking.domains, then subdomains of live like sales.thinking.live etc.

okay that works …

where sub dashes are groups

www – public forum, tweeting, and public viral, and best of, etc.
        – form
         – politics
         – doc, about, faq, customer suppor, education
dev – technical aspects and design
       – forum
       – #SeriTD
       – data
       – scripts
       – identity & protection laws
economic –
    – forum
    – sales
    – niche
    – business
    – employment and collaboration

We need to be careful not to spread out too much too fast, yet provide for a path for growth and differentiation.   Perhaps if each of the three main sub domains starts out with a star forum which anyone who joins that subomain can post then that forum can differentiate into separate groups as needed.

tag #threefoldness

I hooked up thinking.live
Here is the current domain name mappings. They can easily be changed at any time.
  - {url: ’fastblogit.com/*’, module: default}
  - {url: ’www.fastblogit.com/*’, module: default}
  - {url: ’fbi.thinking.domains/*’, module: default}
  - {url: ’fbi.thinkingdomains.org/*’, module: default}
  - {url: ’thinking.domains/*’, module: td-td}
  - {url: ’www.thinking.domains/*’, module: td-td}
  - {url: ’thinking.live/*’, module: td-td}
  - {url: ’www.thinking.live/*’, module: td-td}
  - {url: ’thinkingdomains.org/*’, module: td-td}
  - {url: ’www.thinkingdomains.org/*’, module: td-td}
  - {url: ’bozo.world/*’, module: td-bozo-world}
  - {url: ’www.bozo.world/*’, module: td-bozo-world}
  - {url: ’fbi-dev.thinkingdomains.org/*’, module: fbi-dev}
  - {url: ’sql.thinkingdomains.org/*’, module: phpmyadmin}
   … and yes, the domain was already validated, nothing more to do. One nice thing of using Google Domains.  

p.s. I am assuming you are doing the registar side of bozo.world. I have only mapped this side.

#OMG thinking.live is live nullnull

i was not able to connect bozo.world … don’t know what happened … it seems to be validated … but did not propogate or something

Okay. I got the same result so I took a different tactic. I repointed the nameservers at Godaddy for bozo.world to google cloud dns. Then did the ip mapping in the GCP panel / Networking / Cloud DNS

All seemed to go though fine … now just waiting for the DNS changes to propagate over here … could be a few hours.

#thanks → nathan  …. maybe good idea for me to transfer all my domains to #GoogleDomains 

i (and others too) will be using bozo.world for whatever temporary gyrations that want to happen … eg: i plan to build a normal web site there just to learn how to do it in the #GCP. 

i am unclear how a domain name gets attached to an instance of a running td.   maybe that was in the list of td commands … i don’t know … ill go find it and see.

td-test1 has been deleted #done → seth

The domain name process is 3 or 4 steps depending on where the registar is and if you use google nameservers or the registars.
  1. GCP / Apps / Settings / Custom Domains – validate the domain and then add it, also add *.yourdomain.name (the validate is automatic if the registar is google)
  2. Use the 4 A and the 4 AAAA records given to point your nameservers to our app.
  3. Update the dispatch.yaml file (in our git repo) and deploy it using the gcloud commands. (see RFD: The base domain from which we proliferate (comment 71173) for the current dispatch.yaml file)
Alternatively, you can first create your own zone using GCP / Networking / Cloud DNS and then point your outside registar nameservers to the ones given for this new zone. Then go to step 1 above using google instead of your registar where applicable.

The gcloud sdk utility does allow managing Google Cloud DNS so in theory, once a domain is pointed to Cloud DNS nameservers all the rest of the steps above can be done automagically using the td sdk commands including the dispatch.yaml file. But figuring all that out is probably a days work and it’s not happening today.  

Yes. I would probably transfer all my names to Google too. Google is the easiest DNS manager I have used, and price competitive in the long run. Even if you move your services elsewhere someday, Google is nice for DNS.

Note that you can’t transfer any of your new domains right now … there is a 2 month transfer freeze on any new domain at any registar … prevents people from moving things around willy-nilly.

okay … looks like it will be you dong the domain attaching for a while yet nullnullnullnull

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